Locking Bushes (Friction, Clamping, Torque)

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These Ranges of Locking Bushes are a relatively New Product line and have become more and more popular recently, as it removes the need for the more traditional method of a Key to lock the component to the shaft.

This is acheived by applying an Axial pressure on the two apposing Cone Discs by way of the tightening screws causing the coned discs to slide over each other increasing the internal and external diameters and thereby applying transmission of torque between the shaft and the part that is fitted to it, eliminating any play between the shaft and the driven part and providing uniform distribution of the load over the entire diameter.

There are Two main types Self Centering and None Self Centering, with further types for Low to Medium, Medium to High and Very High Torque requirements, and are easy to maintain and quick to fit.

Require Tolerances: Shaft h8 Finish RZ<=16um. Hub H8 Finish RZ<=16um

Material C45 E-UNI EN 10083-1.

Due to the ever increasing demand, New Design Types have been added along with New Shaft Sizes and some of the Types are now available in Grade 304 Stainless Steel for the developing Food Industry

Range of Sizes

Reworking Service

To compliment our Stock range of products we can offer a comprehensive reworking service to modify any stock product to suit any of these bushes.

Cross Reference Chart

This is a Cross Reference Chart only and has only been designed to show one Individual Manufacturers Series Numbers against another. It is not an enquivalent listing, as they maybe be slight dimensional or loading differences. These details should be confirmed before ordering.


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