Bolt on Taper Bored Hubs SM12 to 35 – BF12 to 30 & Bolt on Plain Bore Hubs

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As the method of shaft fixing by Taper Locking has become more popular within the UK and Europe then the demand for adaptation or conversion of various products to take a Taper Bush has increased, hence the demand for a range of products for this purpose.

This Cast Iron range of Bolt on Hubs have been designed where welding is not feasible or where the item to be converted is more suitable for this type of mounting arrangement! There are two main design types the SM & BF series both are bolt on types, the two main differences being the SM series are larger in diameter and cover a larger range of bush sizes.

This product can be purchased as a stand-alone product for customer own conversion or we do offer a Re-machining Service to convert some of our Pilot Bore Drive Products. Hence to compliment our own ranges some drive products can be requested with a add on Service, for which the Boring and Drilling and the fitting of one of these Hubs is just one, for details please ask our Sale department.

Range of Sizes

Bolt on Taper Bush Hubs Material: Cast Iron GG20/22

Beside the Taper Bush type bolt-on hub, we also provide a small range on Plain bore bolt on hubs, mainly for converting a Plate wheel to a Sprocket.

chiaravalli bolt on hub

Bolt on Plain Hubs Material: FE50

Manufacturing Service

Available upon request!
A Full manufacturing service is available for Bolt on Taper Hubs in Various Grades of Stainless Steel or specials to individual customer own drawing requirements, ask our Sales department for details.

Add on Product or Service

Machining Service:
Bolt-on Taper Hubs are a useful tool for generating none standard product sizes for Taper locking, hence as part of our in house re-working Services we offer a Bore, Drill & Fit Service on this product ask our Sales department for details.

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