Precision Roller Chains & Drives

Incorporating :- British Standard Roller Chains and Sprockets to BS 228 -ISO606R-Din 8187.

American Standard Roller Chains and sprockets to ANSI B 29.1-ISO606R- Din8188.

The Company believes that Quality does not have to be too Expensive and by adopting a policy of offering a Combined Range of Roller Chains, it remains independent of any one Brand and free to search its worldwide network of manufacturing partners to provide you a Quality product at a Competitive price by utilizing the Best from the Rest!

The company does this by ensuring all of its manufacturing partners comply with the following Quality Standards:

  • All chains have been produced in plants that are Certified to ISO 9001
  • All chains covered by the ISO 606R Standard, will conform to this Std of Specification and Quality
  • For chains not covered by ISO606R, we have adopted the British Standard Chains the Din 8187 or BS228 standards and for the American Standard Chains the Din 8188 or Ansi B 29.1 standard of quality.
  • Work standard chains not covered by any of the above standards will conform to the appropriate Manufacturer's Standard, which will be provided upon request.

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Fast & Reliable Reworking Service

To compliment the range of products the company can also provide a variety of finishing services, to suit individual customer’s own requirements.

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Free Drive Calculation Service

The company offers a Free Design Selection Service for these products.

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Manufacturing Service

The company also provides a Manufacturing Service that caters for any requirement outside it's stock ranges. Customers own drawing requirement. Or when a stock pulley is not suitable.

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