Wedge Belt Cast Iron Pulley Pilot Bore C-SPC Section to Din 2211

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This range of European Standard Pilot Bore Cast Iron Vee Pulleys are to Din 2211, are suitable for use with Wedge Belt to Din 7753 part 1, Classical Vee Belts to Din 2215 and Classical Open Ended Belting to Din 2216.

Although the Size of Cast Iron pilot bore pulley is intially determined by its Pitch Circle diameter and the number of grooves it has, from thereon after the individual pattern design of any given size can vary from one manufacturer to another. As this can have a material effect of the finally suitability of the pulley, both for its mounting position and the size of the shaft that it can accommodate.

The company now provides a Combined range, as it brings together a number of manufacturers different design patterns and combines them into one range, thereby providing the following benefits:

  1. One Stop Supply Source.
  2. Choice of Design Patterns available on most sizes. View Alternative Pattern Page.
  3. Three Mounting Types – (Taper Bored, Friction/clamping Bush & Unbored/Pilot Bore for Finish Boring & keyway!)

Beside this European range of Vee Pulleys the company also provides a full manufacturing service for any pulley to the American RMA Standard Section 3V, 5V & 8V.

Range of Sizes

Cast Iron GG20 Pilot Bore Range for C & SPC Section Belts & Belting

(Note: We are continuously adding to or Extending our Ranges, hence if you cannot find it listed here, then please contact us via the ENQUIRY link on each page.)


Alt. Shaft Fixing

As an alternative to either Boring & Keywaying a pilot bore pulley or using a Taper bored pulley and Bush. Why not take a look at the range of Locking Bushes we now offer, as they eliminate the need for fixing via a Keyway-Key thereby providing the added benefit of a uniform distribution of the drive load over the entire diameter of the bush.

View Range

Alternative Design Types

As individual Design Patterns can vary then if you do require a particular pattern Type then please review our Alternative Pattern page before making your request


Beside the Reworking Service the company offers a Full Manufacturing Service that caters for :-

  • Any requirement outside the stock range
  • Customers own drawing requirement
  • When a stock pulley is not suitable

See our manufacturing Capacity


Reworking Service

To compliment the stock range of products the company offers a comprehensive reworking service to modify any stock Pulley to your individual requirements.

See Re-working Services Details.


Most European Pulley Manufacturers & Suppliers quote the pulley size using the PCD Pitch Circle Diameters, hence to obtain the Outside Diameter for a SPC Section pulley you need to add 9.6 mm, therefore a 100.0 pcd SPC would have an outside diameter of 109.6mm. Be careful when ordering a Pilot Bore Pulley, as unlike the Taper Bush Type or the Pre-bored Type where the design pattern and boss diameters have been determine to suit the bush size they are to suit. Generally manufacturers standard stock ranges of pilot bore pulleys have design patterns for light duty applications and have smaller bosses which are not suitable for large diameters shafts. So always check that the Design type and Boss diameter will accommodate your shaft size before ordering.

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