Vee & Wedge Belt Drives

European Standard Vee & Wedge Belts – Moulded – Raw Edge – Cogged to ISO 4184-BS3790-Din 2215-Din7752-RMA Ip20-Ip22.

Vee & Wedge Cast Iron Pulleys – Pilot Bore – Taper Bored – Bored for Friction Bushes.

The Company expanded into the Vee & Wedge Belt drives market back in 1991 when it was first to Introduce an Extended Stock Range of Cast Iron Taper Bored Pulleys up to 10 Grooves.

Since that time the company has continued to expand its Standard Stock Range of Vee/Wedge Pulleys by increasing the Diameter of the Taper Bored pulleys it produces from 1000 PCD to 1250 PCD and by increasing its SPB Range from 8 up to 10 Groove and the SPC range from 10 up to 12 Groove, as well as including a range of Pilot Bore Pulleys and more recently it has now Extended its Pulley Range and Introduced a NEW Range of PRE-BORED  Cast Iron Vee & Wedge Pulleys that are Pre-machined and Ready for use with the Alternative Locking/Friction Bush range.

This represents just as small part of our Expanding pulley ranges as we are already proposing to extend the Range Further to include a Cast Iron Range for Short length Bushes as well as the VTP Type Higher Grade Cast Iron enabling Low Weight ratio suitable for high speed applications above 30 ms.

Product Line Updates

# Vee Pulley in Cast Iron Pilot Bore- Un-bored Range Increased

# Vee Pulley in Cast Iron Pre-bored & Ready for Friction/Clamping Bush mounting

# Vee Pulley in Cast Iron Taper Bored Extended Manufacturing up to 2000mm some with alternative Bush Size Options for Large Shaft Sizes

# New Vee Pulley in Cast Iron Taper Bored to suit Short Length Bushes

 # New Vee Pulley VentilatedTurboPulley (VTP) Range in High Grade Cast Iron with its Unique Profile Low Weight - Low Heat Design for peripheral Belt Speeds of up to 100 meters per second

Fast & Reliable Reworking Service

To compliment the range of products the company can also provide a variety of finishing services, to suit individual customer’s own requirements.

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Manufacturing Service

The company also provides a Manufacturing Service that caters for any requirement outside it's stock ranges. Customers own drawing requirement. Or when a stock pulley is not suitable.

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Free Drive Selection Service

As a drives company with over 35 years of trading experience with a comprehensive range of drive products, it is ideally situated to provide one stop drive selection resource service.

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