Poly Vee Belt Drives

Poly Vee Belts: J Section 4-24 Ribs, L Section 6-24 Ribs & PK Section 4-12 Ribs.

Poly Vee Pulleys: Cast Iron & Steel to suit J section with 4, 8, 12, 16 & 20 ribs, L Section with 6, 10, 12, 16 & 20 ribs and PK Section 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 ribs.

A Poly Vee Belt Drive utilizes the benefit of a single flexible high power capacity low stretch belt with a continuous cord across the full width of the belt enabling a reduced belt width and smaller pulley diameters which in turn allows for higher belt speeds and higher transmission ratios in smaller spaces.

Some of the other Benefits of a Poly Vee Belt drive:

The Poly Vee Belt drive employs the incompressible fluid characteristics of rubber componds to distribute pressure evenly over all parts of the driving surfaces. Unlike Vee / Wedge belts which wedge into the grooves and require clearance beneath the belt to acheive the action, the Poly Vee belt does not operate by a wedging action, but is made for the closest possible fit into the pulley, with substantially continuous contact between the ribbed surface of the belt and the pulley grooves, ensuring:-

  1. Reduced losses due to bending
  2. Smooth running - constant pitch diameter
  3. Maximum frictional grip
  4. Minimum power loss due to centrifugal force

Poly Vee Belts H, J, PK, L & M Sections:

Although the full range of Poly Vee Belt are available in five pitch sizes as follows, our current stocking ranges cover the main sections used for industrial application J Section (Light), L Section (Medium) with the M section (Heavy) being available on a to order basis.

H - Extra light duty belt for volume applications in small high-tech electrical equipment. ( Available on Request)

 J - Low cost space saving belt for light duty applications. (Available from UK Stock)

PK - Specifically designed for the automotive industry, but also suitable for special industrial drives in the machine tools industry. (Now Available on a short Lead Time from Factory Stocks)

L- Versatile medium duty belt for a wide variety of industrial applications. (Available from UK Stocks)

M - Heavy duty belt for unrivalled performance. (Available on Request)

Poly Vee Pulleys: J & L Sections in Cast Iron & Steel

The company provides a full manufactuing service on a to order basis to cater for any size of pulley and all the Poly Vee Belt Sections, outside its current Standard production range of pulleys to suit J Section belts from 40.0 to 400.0 Diameter with 4, 8,12,16 & 20 Groove Types and L section belts from 75.0 to 630.0 6,8,10,12,16 & 20 Grooves types, material either Cast Iron or Steel for belt speed up to 33m/s.

Fast & Reliable Reworking Service

To compliment this range of Drive Couplings the company can also provide a variety of finishing services, to suit individual customer's own requirements.

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Manufacturing Service

The company also provides a Manufacturing Service that caters for any requirement outside it's stock ranges. Customers own drawing requirement. Or when a stock pulley is not suitable.

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Free Drive Selection Service

As a drives company with over 35 years of trading experience with a comprehensive range of drive products, it is ideally situated to provide one stop drive selection resource service.

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