Timing Belt Drives

Extensive range of Timing Belts – Single & Double Sided – Sleeves & Belting & Pulleys to suit including Classical Pitch MXL, XL, L,H, XH, XXH – HTD 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 20M – GT2, GT3 & GT4, Poly Chain 8M, 14M Kelvar & Carbon – Metric T2.5, T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10 & AT20

The company offers a unique service to the drives industry, as it not only provides a large and comprehensive range of high quality stock products for off the shelf delivery, but also provides a Specialist Manufacturing Service that caters for any small to large volume requirement or even a one off prototype to suit any individual specfication including alternative materials types such as Stainless Steel for the Food & Marine Industries.

Product Highlights

New Range of Timing Belts - A New Combined Range of Belts, Sleeves & Belting (Various Brands, including Premium Brands such as Gates) enabling the company to Service any requirement, regardless of whether it be for a High Quality Premium Brand or a lower cost alternative.

Extensive Range of Timing Pulleys - A Complete Range of Pitch Sizes & Types including Classical, Metric, HTD, GT & the New GT2 Poly Chain Pulleys available in Pilot bore & Taper Bush Types.

A Comprehensive Range of Timing Bar & Clamping Plates - To Service the demand for None Standard Tooth Sizes & Wider Width Drive Pulleys used in the Conveyoring, & Material Handling Industries.

Fast & Reliable Reworking Service

To compliment the range of products the company can also provide a variety of finishing services, to suit individual customer’s own requirements.

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Free Drive Calculation Service

The company offers a Free Design Selection Service for these products.

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Manufacturing Service

The company also provides a Manufacturing Service that caters for any requirement outside it's stock ranges. Customers own drawing requirement. Or when a stock pulley is not suitable.

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