Sealed Gear Units

Worm: CHM 025-150 dimensionally interchangeable with Motovario NMRV-NRV-NMRV / NMRV-NRV / NMRV & PC / NMRV Series & CH 03-08 dimensionally interchangeable with Bonfigiloli VF-W-WR Series.

Helical Shaft Mounted CHA 30-80 dimensionally interchangeable with Bonfigiloli TA Series. Helical inline CHC16-40 with the same Foot print as Motovario & Bonfigiloi. Bevel T units RP & RB dimensionally interchangeable with Poggi & Bonfigiloli, also Variators-Worm Screw Jacks and Right angle Helical-Hypoid and Mechanical Variator units.

This Comprehensive Range of Free Standing and Motorised Encased Geared Drive products have been complied through the company's experience of providing a specialised drive design service via its own team of drive enqineers who have over 35 years practical experience of providing drive solutions to meet individual customer's drive and cost requirements.

Our combined supply range includes the entire range of Bonfiglioli, Varvel and Siti as well as other manufacturers from around the globe including the small fractional HP geared units from ZD Motors.

Hence if you cannot find what you are looking for here or have an unusual or a none standard application and need some help in solving a design problem, then please ask for one of our drive engineers who will be only too willing to help!

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