Motor Slide Rails & Bases for Tensioning Drives

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It is essential to ensure that adequate adjustment is provided for the take up of slack and the pre-tensioning of most types of power trains and in particular Roller Chain, Timing Belt, Vee Belt, Flat Belt and Poly Vee Belt drives, hence wherever the possibility we do recommend that you try to incorporate one of these products within your drive system.

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Motor Slide Rails with Adjustable Mounting Blocks:

This Versatile range of Steel Motor Slide rails offer the possibility of longer adjustment lengths without the need for adjusting the rails fixing bolts and do cover the complete range of standard Stock Motor Frames up to Frame 400.

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A New addition to our Motorbase range is a Monoplate, which are available in two designs types, one offers a Single Plane of adjustment the other a Double Plane, ask our Sales dept for more details

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Adjustable Motor Slide Bases

This Economical Range of Motor Slide Bases are in Steel with a Galvanised Silver finish, are available in six sizes covering the Motor frame sizes from 63 up to 180 and can be supplied with or without motor bolt fixings. These bases have the added feature of slotted floor fixings holes, which enable the possible to increase the overall adjustment length quoted here

Range of Sizes

Motor Slide Rails with Adjustable Mounting Blocks:

*Denotes welded Mounting Blocks

Adjustable Motor Slide Bases:


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