HRC Series Taper Bored & Pilot Bored

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These HRC Flexible Spider Couplings are available in eight sizes with the Pilot Bore hub version caters for shaft sizes from 9.0mm to 130.0mm and the Taper Bored hub versions catering for a shaft size range from 9.0mm to 100mm with a torque capacity range of 31.5nm to 7200nm.

The flexible element acts as a buffer against peak loads and allows up to 0.5mm of parallel misalignment and 1.7mm of axial misalignment and suitable for use in operating conditions with ambient temperatures of -40°C to +100°C.

The stock range includes three hub types, the H and F type hubs are design to be use with a Taper bush for direct shaft mounting and the B type hub has a nominal pilot bore and therefore can be re-machined to suit individual customer’s shaft sizes on quick lead times as required.

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Cast Iron EN-GJL-250 UNI EN 1561



H Type Hub

Bush fits from outside.

F Type Hub

Bush fits from inside.

Range of Sizes

Coupling Ref. BType PB Hub Bore Min-Max (mm) H Type Hub. Bush Size & Shaft Range Min-Max (mm) F Type Hub. Bush Size & Shaft Range Min-Max (mm) Torque Range Normal nm / Peak nm
HRC70 10-32 1008, 9-25 1008, 9-25 31.5/72
HRC90 10-42 1108, 9-28 1108, 9-28 80/180
HRC110 10-55 1610, 12-42 1610, 12-42 160/360
HRC130 14-60 1610, 12-42 1610, 12-42 315/720
HRC150 19-70 2012, 14-50 2012, 14-50 600/1500
HRC180 35-80 2517, 16-60 2517, 16-60 950/2350
HRC230 38-100 3020, 24-75 3020, 24-75 2500/5000
HRC280 48-130 3525, 25-100 3525, 25-100 3150/7200

Alt. Shaft Fixing

As an alternative to either Boring & Keywaying a pilot bore hub or using a Taper bored hub and Bush. Why not take a look at the range of Locking Bushes we now offer, as they eliminate the need for fixing via a Keyway-Key thereby providing the added benefit of a uniform distribution of the drive load over the entire diameter of the bush.

View Range

Free Drive Design

A Free Design selection service is available for this product for full details and application requirements please follow this link.


Reworking Service

To compliment this range of Drive Couplings the company can also provide a variety of finishing services, to suit individual customer’s own requirements, and briefly include :-

  • Boring
  • Keywaying
  • Broaching
  • Drill & Tapping
  • Wire Eroding

Plating Service

A Full range of add on Plating Finishes is available :-

  • Zinc (Clear & Yellow)
  • Nickel
  • Chemically Black Phosphate
  • Hard Anodising for Aluminium Products

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