Taper Bush Adaptors Bush Type KM & PM 1008 to 4040

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As the method of shaft fixing by Taper Locking has become more popular within the UK and Europe then the demand for adaptation or conversion of various products to take a Taper Bush has increased, hence the demand for a range of products for this purpose!

This range of Bush Type Taper bush Adaptors can be useful for converting a product which may have an existing bore that is worn or for any application where it is not possible to use either a weld-in or bolt-on hub!

There are two designs, the PM type has a plain outside diameter and is suitable for low torque drives where a press fit is adequate to transmit the load or the KM which has a keyway in the outside diameter for extra torque transmission!

Range of Sizes

Manufacturing Service

Available upon request.

A Full manufacturing service is available for Bush Adaptors in Various Grades of Stainless Steel or specials to individual customers own drawing requirements, ask our Sales department for details.

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