IE1 AC Electric Motors Aluminium Frame 3 Phase Dual Voltage 50/60HZ

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This range of IE1 rated Aluminium Frame AC Electric Motors are the Dual Voltage type and suitable for Star & Delta Connections allowing for multiple supply Voltage options and suitable for use not only within the UK and Europe but a number of other countries worldwide.

Although part of the range is no longer being produced for Stand-alone applications as agreed within the IEC regulation, 640/2009 dated 22/07/2009 which covers 0.75 to 375KW power range in 2, 4 & 6 pole versions only, which became compulsory from 16/06/2011 the full range will continue to be available for some time, and certainly until all factory and stockist stock are sold out and for the foreseeable future the power range sizes from 0.09 up to 0.55KW and all the 8 pole versions which are not covered under this regulation.

As currently, we do have a number of both European and Far East manufacturers with stocks available, we hope to be able to continue to supply the range for some time although some of the brands that are available may well be reduced as stocks are sold out!

Aluminium IEC Frame: 56 to 200
Enc. IP55 Insul. ClassF Duty S1 or S3
Mounting Types: B3-B5-B14-B34 & B35
B3 Foot Mounted
B14 Flange Mounted
B5 Flange Mounted
B34 Foot & Flange Mounted (B3 + B14)
B35 Foot & Flange Mounted (B3 + B5)

Optional Extras:

Available upon request for an extra cost on short lead times subject to product availability.

  • B14L (Two Frame sizes larger)
  • Thermistors
  • Anti-condensation Heaters
  • Alternative enclosures IP 56/65
  • Rain Canopy (V1)
  • Alternative Voltages & Frequencies
  • Tropicalised

Supply Voltage for Dual voltage Motors +/-10%V
220/380V 50Hz
240/415V 50Hz
260/440V 60Hz
280/480V 60Hz.

Range of Sizes

Compact Frame

Power KW 2 Pole Speed (3000) Frame Size 4 Pole Speed (1500) Frame Size 6 Pole Speed (1000) Frame Size
0.12 56
0.18 56
0.25 63
0.37 63C2 71C6
0.55 71C4
0.75 71
1.10 80D4
1.50 80C2
2.20 90L4
3.00 90L2
4.00 100LB2
5.50 112L2 112L4

Manufacturing Service

Beside the standard ranges listed here, we can also provide a volume manufacturing Service to suit any customer individual requirements inc. special shafts, double shaft ends etc, please send your requirements to our Sales office for quotation.



The New IE2 Efficiency specification only covers Motors from 0.75 up to 375KW Range in 2, 4 & 6 poles, hence IE1/Eff2 outside this range will still be available for some time to come.

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