AC 3 Phase Electric Motors 2 Speed Variable Torque Type

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Two Speed AC Electric Motors come in three design types Constant Torque, Variable Torque and Constant KW of which the Constant Torque and Variable Torque are the most popular hence our standard stock range has evolved around the VEM Range of stock sizes!

The Variable Torque series are mainly used for blowers or centrifugal pumps where a higher torque is required at the higher speed and comprises seventy-three sizes in 4/2 pole (single winding) 6/4 pole (double winding) and 8/4 pole (single winding) types from 0.06/0.18 to 50/160KW.

The Constant Torque series are listed on a separate page, (see the links below). Besides the sizes listed here we can supply other manufacturers’ ranges on short lead times, along with the Constant KW type, hence if you can not find what you are looking for here, please contact our sales department with your requirement.

Cast Iron Frame: 71 to 315
Enc. IP55 Insul. ClassF Duty.S1
Mounting Types: B3-B5-B14
B34 & B35

Optional Extras:

Available upon request for an extra cost on short lead times subject to product availability.

  • B14L (Two Frame sizes larger)
  • Thermistors
  • Anti-condensation Heaters
  • Alternative enclosures IP 56/65
  • Rain Canopy (V1)
  • Alternative Voltages & Frequencies
  • Tropicalised

Range of Sizes

Manufacturing Service

Beside the standard ranges listed here, we can also provide a volume manufacturing Service to suit any customer individual requirements inc. special shafts, double shaft ends etc, please send your requirements to our Sales office for quotation.


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