Vee – Wedge Belt Cast Iron Pulleys A-SPA Section Pre-Bored for Locking Bush to Din 2211

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This New range European Standard Pre-Bored Cast Iron Vee Pulleys to Din 2211 & ISO 4183 are suitable for use with Wedge Belt to Din 7753 part 1, Classical Vee Belts to Din 2215 and Classical Open Ended Belting to Din 2216.

Shaft Friction Locking Bushes, equivalents to all brands – Tollock, RingSpann, RingFeder, KTR, Bikon and loads more.

The range has been designed for use with a Locking Bush and has many advantages over its Pilot Bore and Taper Bored cousins :-

  • No need for Expensive machining of Keyways.
  • Elimination of play between shaft and the driven part.
  • Uniform distribution of the load over the entire diameter.

So when coupled with our Pilot Bore and Taper Bored Ranges you have access to one of the Largest stock ranges in Europe, and even if you cannot find what you are looking for in these Standard Stock ranges, we can manufacture to your indivdual requirement through either of our UK & European manufacturing services.

Range of Sizes

Note: The bore size & tolerance quoted in this table refers to the Locking bush O/D size not the final shaft diameter.



Beside the Reworking Service the company offers a Full Manufacturing Service that caters for :-

  • Any requirement outside the stock range
  • Customers own drawing requirement
  • When a stock pulley is not suitable

See our manufacturing Capacity


Reworking Service

To compliment the stock range of products the company offers a comprehensive reworking service to modify any stock Pulley to your individual requirements.

See Re-working Services Details.


Most European Pulley Manufacturers & Suppliers quote the pulley size using the PCD Pitch Circle Diameters, hence to obtain the Outside Diameter for a SPA section pulley you need to add 5.6 mm, therefore a 63.0 pcd SPA would have an outside diameter of 68.6mm.

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