Timing Belts Poly Chain GT2 Kevlar PC2-8MGT & PC2-14MGT

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Poly Chain is a Registered Trade Mark of GATES.

Poly Chain timing belt drives have been specially developed as a viable alternative to using a roller chain drive when transmission of High Torque at low speed is required with the added advantage of being lubrication and maintenance-free. Gates Poly Chain GT2 Series belts with Kelvar cords transmit up to 30% more torque due to its New polyurethane compound and its aramid cords which provides a strong belt with excellent belt abrasion and resistance to chemical agents. The 8mm pitch belt comes in four stock widths and the 14mm pitch belt have five standard stock widths.

Being independent from any one Brand, allows the company to provide a considerably larger and more comprehensive range of sizes, coupled with the option of multi supply options, means it is not only able to offer Premium brands such as GATES, but also low cost alternatives to suit any individual customer’s own brand or cost preferences.

Range of Sizes

Poly Chain GT2 Kevlar PC2-8MGT

Belt Length Example: PC8MGT

640 = 640mm divided by 8mm pitch = 80 teeth

Poly Chain GT2 Kevlar PC2-14MGT

Belt Length Example: PC14MGT
994 = 994mm divided by 14mm pitch = 71 teeth

Belt width Code: 12 (12mm) 20 (20mm) 21 (21mm) 36 (36mm) 37 (37mm) 62 (62mm) 90 (90mm) 125 (125mm)

Alternative Lengths

As we are continuing to develop and expand our program, if you are unable to find the size you are looking for here please do contact us as we are always adding new sizes to our supply ranges.

Drive Design Service

A Free Drive Selection Service is available upon request, please click on this link to go to our Drive Selection Service Page for details!

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