Habasit HabaDRIVE™ Aramide TF

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The TF type are Low energy comsumption and highly flexible and best suited for long belt lengths as they provide short take-up’s and are joined using the Flexproof (adhesive-free) system, and are available in seven thicknesses and types.


Through our Free Drive design Service – for Flat Belt Drives we recommend and will supply the Belt Pre-shorten so that when fitted at the agreed centre Distance the belt will have been set at its calculated and Initial Tension to ensure max efficiency & Belt life. – For first installation instructions for commissioning your Pre-shorten New Flat Belt Drive – Download the install Doc. – here

Free Drive Design

A Free Design selection service is available for this product for full details and application requirements please follow this link.



Note: Only one pulley within a two pulley Flat belt drive train needs to be Crowned to deter belt drift, although both are always desireable.

Note: Range of Sizesial for the Ventilation Industry, we also provide a smaller range of Crowned Flat Belt pulleys with Flanges to prevent drift off of the belt during the start up phase – use the links below for details.

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