Torque Limiter for Roller Chain Drives (Overload Protection)

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A Low Cost but effective Mechanical Overload Protection Device, primary for Roller Chains Drives, although they can be used with any of our other drive products.

This easy to use device ensures complete operating reliability as the device slips when the torque required exceeds the pre-set value and automatically restores the operating mode when the overload condition no longer exists. As primary designed for use in a Roller Chain Drive, we offer a standard range of British Standard Plate wheels that have been pre-machined to suit, see the chart in specs for sizes. Beside this range we also provide a reworking service to modify any other Stock Drive Product to go with this product, such as :-

  • American Standard Plate wheels
  • Vee Pulleys
  • Spur Gears
  • Timing Pulleys

For details of this reworking service or the machining requirements for any other drive products, please contact our Sales Department.

Range of Sizes

Note: We are continuously adding to or Extending our Ranges, hence if you cannot find it listed here, then please contact us via the ENQUIRY link on each page.


Reworking Service

To compliment the Stock range of Roller chain Plate wheels, we also offer a reworking Service to modified any other Drive Product to suit this range of Torque Limiters, ask our Sales Dept for Details


Heat Treatments

In Addition to the machining Services it offers it can also provide the following Heat Treatments:

  • FLAME Harden Teeth
  • INDUCTION Harden Teeth
  • CASE Hardening


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