AC Electric Motors Single Phase Cap Start/ Cap Run Type 230/240Volt 50HZ for High Starting Torque Applications

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This standard production range of 230/240 Volt 50HZ Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Electric Motors with centrifugal switch are suitable for High Starting Torque applications such as Conveyor. Crushers, Stirring machines, Agitators, Reciprocating Pumps, and Compressors which require a High starting torque of between 170-250% as they are under load, depending on the output power and frame size. We can supply various European manufactured Brands as well as Brands manufactured in the Far East covering the size range 0.18KW(0.37HP) up to 3.7KW(5HP) generally in 2, 4 & 6 as detailed in the 11 sizes listed.

We can also provide a Manufacturing Service to cater for Compact Frame types (Same power in next size smaller frame)and to suit customer individual requirements such as alternative Voltages, longer or special shafts and flanges for minimum order quantity of 10 pieces.

Aluminium IEC Frame: 56 to 112
Mounting Types: B3-B5-B14-B34-B35
B3 Foot Mounted
B14 Flange Mounted
B5 Flange Mounted
B34 Foot & Flange Mounted (B3 + B14)
B35 Foot & Flange Mounted (B3 + B5)

Optional Extras:

  • B5R Reduced Flange (Next Frame size smaller)
  • B14L (Two Frame sizes larger)
  • Compact Design (Same power in smaller Frame)
  • Thermistors
  • Anti-condensation Heaters
  • Alternative enclosures IP 56/65
  • Rain Canopy (V1)
  • Alternative Voltages & Frequencies

Available upon request for an extra cost on short lead times subject to product availability.

Range of Sizes

Compact Frame Sizes

Same power in next size smaller frame than standard frame can be supplied on a to-order basis for 10 pieces or more, through one of our Manufacturing Partners in Italy.

Manufacturing Service

Beside the standard ranges listed here, we can also provide a volume manufacturing Service to suit any customer individual requirements inc. special shafts, double shaft ends etc, please send your requirements to our Sales office for quotation.



Single Phase electric motors have a capacitor connected in series with the run winding, therefore the motor is always drawing a constant current irrespective of mechanical load. When the motor is not under load this residual current is dissipated in the form of heat. Therefore Single phase electric motors should always be used at or near ‘full load’ so that the energy is converted into mechanical ‘work’ and not into heat.

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