-> Link to CHT RB Series Spiral T Box page!
-> Link to CHT RP Series Spiral T Box page!
-> Link to CHC Series Inline Helical Gear units page!
Dateline: January 2012
New Product Launched!
The CHA series of Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer, added to our Geared Direct Drive program, dimensional the same as the Bonfigiloli TA Series!
CHT-RP&RB series of Spiral T Bevel Boxes, dimensional to the same as Poggi 2000/4000 series & the Bofigilioli RAN Series!
Dateline: 2011
A Number of New Products Launched!
(See list below)
CHC Series of Inline Helical Spur Gear units with unique Bolt on Feet feature to provide the same foot print as Motorvario & Bonfigliloi Units!
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Dateline: September 2012
Website Updated and Re-launched!
It has been almost seven years since we first launched or website which only comprised 25 pages! Hence it was in some need of attention, this New 210 page version has been Indexed and Expanded to show each drive type and all related products in Drive Type sections, and provides links on every page to other related products, including an Information Bar to provide Extra product information, Services and Tips, including links to a number of New features:
1- New Index by DriveTypes!
2- Information Bar!
3- Free Drive Design Service!
4- Mail Order Service!
5- Many New Products added over 35,000!
With further New Features planned and will be added within the very near future, so why not add our site to your favourites folder?
Dateline: June 2012
New Product Launched!
The CHS series or Free standing or Motoroised Worm Screw Jacks Added to our Geared Direct Drives program!
-> Link to CHS Series Screw Jack Page!
Dateline: February 2012
New Product Launched!
The CHO series of Helical Hypoid Gear Units, added to our Geared Direct Drive program offering the same foot print of the equivalent Worm Geared unit but with increased Efficiency and a Lower working Temperature, ideally suited for use with an Inverter!
-> Link to CHO Series Helical-Hypoid Gear Units page!
-> Link to CHA Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers page!
CH Series Worm Gear units have the same dimensions as Bonfigiloli VF/W Series!
-> Link to CHB Series Right Angle Worm Gear units page!
CHM Series Worm Gear units have the same dimensions as Motovario NMRV Series!
-> Link to CHM Series of Right Angle Worm Gear Units page!
Delta Range of VFD-E series of Low Power AC Inverters up to 22KW!
-> Link to Delta Inverter Page!
VEM Range of High Efficiency IE2 & IE3 AC Generator Motors for Electrical Power Generation! 2.2KW to 500KW 4, 6 & pole!
-> Link to VEM Ac Generator Page!
Dateline: Before 2011.
Various Products added to our Products Portifolio!
PE-UHMW Wear Strips Added to our Roller Chains Drive section!
Radial Ball Bearings added for Idler drive Wheel see the shaft fixing section!
Shaft Support Bearings (Self Lube) included as an Add on Product, see the shaft fixing section!
Shaft Collars included as an Add on Product, see the shaft fixing section!
AC Motors Ranges Extended to include IE2 & IE3 Efficiency ratings, see the direct drive section!
Shaft Couplings Ranges extended to include a number of NEW Types
1-Polymer Sleeve
2-Giflex GFA/GFAS
3 Flexable Spider type  Pilot bore & Taper bored similar to Rotex, Giflex FBX & KTR,Series!
Automatic Arm & Box Type Tensioners for Roller Chain, Vee& Wedge Belt, Poly Vee, Timing Belt & Flat Belt Drives!
Mechanical Torque Limiters for Roller Chain, Vee& Wedge Belt, Poly Vee, Timing belt & Flat Belt Drives.
see the different drive sections for details!
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