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This range of AC 3 phase Low Voltage Generator Motors have been developed for the New and Emerging market of Low Power Electrical Generating by converting the mechanical power that is available through the movement of Air & Water and converting into electrical generating power.
This High Efficiency range of Generator Motors provide a mininium conversion of mechanical power to electrical power in accordance with the latest IE2 & IE3 Efficiency Ratings and are available in Electrical power output ratings from 2.2 to 500KW in 4,6 & 8 pole speed types for S1 Duty cycles, with Class F insulation and IP55 enclosure as standard make them ideally suitable for the Hydra Power Generating applications!
4 Pole
6 Pole
8 Pole
2.20        132S8
3.00    132S6 132M8
4.00 112M4 132M6 160M8
5.50 132S4 132MX6 160MX8
7.50  132M4 160M6 160L8
11.0  160M4 160L6 180L8
15.0  160L4  180L6 200L8
18.5 180M4 200L6 225S8
22.0  180L4 200LX6 225M8
30.0  200L4 225M6 250M8
37.0  225S4 250M6 280S8
45.0 225M4 280S6 280M8
55.0 250M4 280M6 315S8
75.0 280S4 315S6 315M8
90.0 280M4 315M6 315MX8
110.0  315S4 315MX6 315MY8
132.0 315M4 315MY6 315L8
160.0 315MX4 315L6 315LX8
200.0  315MY4 316LX6 355M8
250..0 315L4 355M6 355MX8
280.0      355L8
315.0 315LX4 355MX6  
355.0  355M4  355L6  
400.0 355MX4      
450.0  355LY4      
500.0  355L4      
Cast Iron Frame : 112 to 355
Enc. IP55 Insul. ClassF Duty.S1
Mounting Types: B3-B5-B14
B34 & B35
(Note: As we have multipule supply range for this product, then this picture is only indicative of some of our range?)
Optional Extras:
1- B14L (Two Frame sizes larger)
2- Thermistors
3- Anti-condensation Heaters
4- Alternative enclosures IP 56/65
5- Alternative Voltages & Frequences
6- Heavy Duty Roller Bearing
7- Re-greasebale Bearing Housings

Available upon request for an extra cost on short lead times subject to product availability?
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Altermative Motor Types & Related Products:
Manufacturing Service:
Beside the standard ranges listed here, we can also provide a volume manufacturing Service to suit any customer individual requirements inc. special shafts, double shaft ends etc, please send your requirements to our Sales office for quotation!
-> IE1 AC Motors Aluminum Size 56-200 Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
-> IE1 AC Motors Cast Iron Frame 56-355 Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
-> IE2 AC Motors Aluminium Size 56-200 Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
-> IE2 AC Motors Cast Iron Frame 56-355 Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
->AC Higher Output Compact Frame Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
-> IE1-IE2 AC Motors Alum & Cast with DC & AC Brakes
-> IE1 AC 2 Speed Motors Constant Torque Type
-> IE1 AC 2 Speed Motors Variable Torque Type
-> IE2 Atex EXD Zone 1 & ExtD Zone21 3 phase Motors
->IE 3 Cast Iron Frame 56-315 Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
-> IE3 Aluminium Frame 56-200 Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
-> VEM AC 3 Phase Electric Motor Program
-> Adjustable Motor Bases & Slide Rails
-> SoftStarts- Solstart Mini-Solstart Plus-RVS-DX Digital
-> AC Inverters Low Power up to 22KW with removeable Keypad
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