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Shaft Couplings: Giflex Internal Gear Steel Sleeve Type Pilot Bore
The Giflex Range of Internal Gear Couplings
have Steel Sleeve with Hermetic seals at each
end, enabling them to be used in many
hazardous enviromental Conditions and
providing a higher torque capacity range of
600nm to 90,000nm. They are available in nine
sizes and two design type, the GFA type having
two removable internal gear hubs and the GFAS
type have one fixed solid hub and one removable
internal gear hub. Both the Steel Sleeve and the
hubs are manufactured from hardened carbon
steel with a tensile stength of 800n per m2.
Another feature is the CNC machining to DIN
3992 Class 7 Precision to provide the Crowning
and Barrelling of the gear tooth form which
eliminates tooth edge pressure and allows them
to accommodate both Radial as well as Angular deviation or misalignment. The stock range is available as a pilot bore coupling as either a short hub length or a long hub length or as a combination of each which allows for flexiability of spacing between shafts and can be re-machined to suit individual customer's shaft sizes on quick lead times as required?
A Free Design selection service is available for this product for full details and application requirements please use the link below?
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Reworking Service:
To compliment the Stock range of Products the company offers an in house comprehensive reworking service to modify any stock Gear to suit your individual requirements?
Plating Services:
A Full range of add on Plating Finishes is available:
Zinc (Clear & Yellow) Nickel
Chemically Black Phosiphate as well as Hard Andosing for Aluminium Products!
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GFA -Two Removable Hubs:
GFAS- One Removable Hub:
Type NN
2 x Short
Coupling mm
Type LL
2 x Long
Hubs =
Coupling mm
 Type NL
1 x short
1 x Long
Hubs =
Coupling mm
GFA/GFAS 25   85.0    123.0    104.0  00.0 - 28.0
GFA/GFAS 32    100.0    163.0    131.5  00.0 - 38.0
GFA/GFAS 40    115.0    163.0    139.0  00.0 - 48.0
GFA/GFAS 56    140.0    204.0    172.0  00.0 - 60.0
GFA/GFAS 63    153.0    243.0    198.0  00.0 - 70.0
GFA/GFAS 80   170.0    285.0    225.5  00.0 - 90.0
GFA/GFAS 100   216.0    355.0    273.0  00.0 - 110.0
GFA 125    288.0    423.0    355.5  40.0 - 140.0
GFA 155    370.0    498.0    435.0  40.0 -175.0
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