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Crowned Flat Belt Pulleys: Flanged - Taper Bored
Pulley Width
Flanges mm
Pulley Width
Flanges mm
63.0   F-32     
67.0    F-32    
71.0    F-32    
75.0    F-32   
80.0    F-32  
85.0    F-32    
90.0    F-32    
95.0    F-32    
100.0    F-32    F-50
106.0    F-32    F-50
112.0    F-32    F-50
118.0    F-32    F-50 
125.0    F-32    F-50 
132.0    F-32    F-50
140.0    F-32    F-50
150.0    F-32    F-50 
160.0    F-32    F-50
180.0    F-32    F-50
190.0    F-32    F-50
200.0    F-32    F-50
212.0    F-32    F-50
224.0    F-32    F-50 
236.0    F-32    F-50 
250.0    F-32    F-50 
265.0    F-32    F-50
280.0    F-32    F-50
300.0       F-50 
Material: Cast Iron Grade GG20.25 & Phosiphated
Crowned Flat Belt Pulleys: FLANGED Taper Bored
This Standard Stock Range of CROWNED & Flanged Flat Belt Pulleys have been designed with the Ventilation Industry in mind?
The range comprises twenty seven size diameters and two widths, they are crowned to centre the belt between the flanges with the flange providing the added extra protection during the start up phase! These pulleys can be used in conjunition with the Plain type, enabling up to 10-1 speed ratios, although larger and smaller diameter can be produce upon request!
Always select a pulley that is wider than the belt width you intend to use and also ensure that these pulleys are correctly aligned as it is important to ensure that the belt is not running against the flange as this would material affect the life expectancy of the belt?
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Drive Design Service:
-> A Free Drive Selection Service is available upon request, please click on this link to go to our Drive Selection Service Page for details!
Re- Balancing Service:
For Balancing Higher than Q6.3 or for balancing for drives other than operating a 50HZ speeds, we provide a Re-balancing Service -Ask our Sales dept for details?
Beside this Standard Stock Range of Flat Belt Pulleys the company also offers a Full Manufacturing Service to cater
1- Any requirement outside the stock range!
2- Customers own drawing requirement.
3- When a stock pulley is not suitable?
please forward your reuqirement to our Sales Dept!
Note: Only one pulley within a two pulley Flat belt drive train needs to be Crowned to deter belt drift, although both are always desireable?
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Being the nature of a any type of flexible belt used within the power transmission industry is to stretch once load has been applied! Then we would always recommend that close attention is made to ensure that there is enough adjustment built into a drive or where not possible a suitable tensioning device is included to ensure that the belt drive is operating at it's optimum performance! To assist you in this operation, we offer a range of Motor Slide Rails & Bases with a range of Spring loaded Tensioners for fixed centre drives or where little adjustment is possible? (used the links on this page to access the appropriate pages)
Belt Drives need to have adjustable centres or the possibility of Tensioning:
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