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HabaDrive Transmission
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Habasit HabaDRIVE Power Transmission Belting: TC,TCF, S, A, TF
The HabaDRIVE range of power transmission belting has been designed around three different material for the traction layer, Polyester - Polyamide and Aramide to cater for the various type of power transmission requirements!
All three types are available and are supplied as endless belts in various thicknesses and conditions depending on the power and drive characteristics required and are briefly as follows:-
Polyester TC & TCF Types:
The TC & TCF types are Low energy comsumption and highly flexible, simple to join and are reliable in performance and sutiable for operating Temperatures of -20C to + 70C and are joined using the Flexproof (adhesive-free) system, and are available in five thicknesses and seven type!
Polyamide S & A Types:
The S & A types are Robust and highly resilent and cope with intermittent overload and a higher Temperatures of -20C to 100C and are joined using the Thermofix system, and are available in thirteen thicknesses and seventeen types!
Aramide TF Type:
The TF type are Low energy comsumption and highly flexible and best suited for long belt lengths as they provide short take-up's and are joined using the Flexproof (adhesive-free) system, and are available in seven thinknesses and types!
-> A Free Drive Selection Service is available upon request, please click on this link to go to our Drive Selection Service Page for details!
Drive Design Service:
As the Habasit Range of Flat Belt for power transmission are design to run under tension and can take up to 2% of tension without affecting life expectancy.
We therefore recommend that you use our free design selection service to ensure that the correct belt is selected and at the correct length. Thereby ensuring the correct amount of pre-tension is calculated and applied so as to ensure maximum drive efficency and maintenance free operation.
This service is provided in conjuntion with Habasit as a Free Drive selection service! for more details click on the link below?
We strongly recommend our Free Drive Selection Service as supported by Habasit:
Note: Flat Belt are made from endless belting and joined and supplied as an endless belt based on the calculated length we provide through our Free Drive Selection service, hence we do not list individual belt sizes here?
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