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22T    8M-20    8M-30       
24T    8M-20    8M-30      
26T    8M-20    8M-30       
28T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    
30T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    
32T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    
34T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
36T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
38T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
40T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85 
44T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85 
48T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
56T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
64T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
72T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
80T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
90T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
112T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50   8M-85
144T    8M-20    8M-30    8M-50    8M-85
168T          8M-50   8M-85
192T          8M-50   8M-85
Pulleys: Taper Bored (For Taper bush)
Taper bored means that the pulley's bore has been pre-machined to suit a size of Taper Bush, the corresponding bush is pre-machined (Bored & Keywayed) to suit either a Imperial or Metric shaft size, this allows mutli shaft fitting from the same pulley type!
Material Pulleys: Steel C45 E UNI EN 10083-1 with Flanges up to & including 72 Tooth
Cast Iron EN GJL-200 UNI EN 1561 without Flanges from 80 Tooth & above
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Drive Design Service:
-> A Free Drive Selection Service is available upon request, please click on this link to go to our Drive Selection Service Page for details!
Plating Services:
A Full range of add on Plating Finishes is available:
Zinc (Clear & Yellow) Nickel
Chemically Black Phosiphate as well as Hard Andosing for Aluminium Products!
-> The company also provides a Manufacturing Service that caters for:-
1- Any requirement outside it's stock ranges!
2- Customers own drawing requirement.
3- Or when a stock pulley is not suitable?
See our manufacturing Capacity
Note: Only one pulley' within a timing pulley drive needs to have Flanges to stop belt run off?
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-> HTD 8M Belts -Single/Double Sided - Sleeves & Belting
-> Taper Bushes
Listed here is our current standard stock range of Taper Bored Pulleys to suit HTD 8M pitch Timing Belts.
The standard stock range of pulleys are available in twenty one tooth sizes to suit four standard belt widths of 20(10mm),30(30mm),50(50mm) and 85(85mm)which should cater for the majority of power transmission drive applications! Alternatively if you can not find the tooth size you are looking for, then do plase take a look at our Pilot Bore Pulley and Bar range, by usinf the links below?
Even if you can not find the Tooth size here or within it's pilot bore and bar ranges, the company does also provide a full manufacturing service to cater for a requirement outside it's Standard Stock Ranges?
-> HTD 8M Clampling Plates
-> Spring Loaded Belt Tensioners
-> Adjustable Motor Rails & Bases for Adusting Belt Drive Centre's
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