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Vee - Wedge Belt Cast Iron Hand Adjustable Pulleys Pilot Bore- Taper Bored to Din 2211
This Series of Hand Adjustable Vee pulleys are ideal for low power applications when some variation in speed may be required or the optimum speed can not be determand before hand.
They are designed for use with Vee Belts to Din 2215 and Wedge Belt to Din 7753 and allow you to Increase or Decrease the PCD by hand adjustment of one Flange along a screw thread and are available as a pilot bore type for machining to suit the final shaft size or as a Taper Bored type for use with a Taper bush.
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Min to Max
Pilot Bore
1 Groove
Pilot bore
2 Groove
Taper Bored
1 Groove
Taper Bored
2 Groove
62.0 - 80.0  RS084-Z1   RS084-Z1TB  
73.0 - 91.0 RS095-Z1   RS095-Z1TB  
78.0 - 96.0 RS100-Z1   RS100-Z1TB  
90.0 - 104.0  RS108-Z1   RS108-Z1TB  
76.0 - 102.0 RS108-A1 RS108-A2 RS108-A1TB  
88.0 - 114.0  RS120-A1 RS120-A2 RS120-A1TB RS120-A2TB
97.0 - 123.0 RS129-A1 RS129-A2 RS129-A1TB RS129-A2TB
109.0 - 133.0 RS139-A1 RS139-A2 RS139-A1TB RS139-A2TB
116.0 - 140.0 RS146-A1 RS146-A2 RS146-A1TB RS146-A2TB
126.0 - 150.0  RS156-A1 RS156-A2 RS156-A1TB RS156-A2TB
134.0 - 158.0 RS164-A1 RS164-A2 RS164-A1TB RS164-A2TB
149.0 - 171.0 RS177-A1 RS177-A2 RS177-A1TB RS177-A2TB
159.0 - 181.0 RS187-A1 RS187-A2 RS187-A1TB RS187-A2TB
139.0 - 171.0 RS178-B1 RS178-B2 RS178-B1TB RS178-B2TB
148.0 - 180.0 RS187-B1 RS187-B2 RS187-B1TB RS1870B2TB
163.0 - 193.0 RS200-B1 RS200-B2    
178.0 - 208.0  RS215-B1 RS215-B2    
189.0 - 219.0 RS226-B1 RS226-B2    
211.0 - 237.0 RS244-B1 RS244-B2    
224.0 - 249.0  RS256-B1 RS245-B2    
287.0 - 313.0   RS320-B2    
302.0 - 328.0 B   RS335-B2    
Note: Min & Max PCD Diameters quoted are for Classical Vee Belts, they will be slightly less when used with Wedge Belts?
Adjustment is by quarter turns of the threaded Flange using the four Setscrews positioned over the four flats.
The amount of full turns required to acheive a particular PCD can be calculated using the following formula:-
Example: to adjust type RS187-A1 to pitch diameter 165.0mm. At totally closed pulley pitch diameter is 181.0mm
Max pcd - required pcd = 181-165
----------------------------- ---------- = 2-3/4 turns of the screw on nut.
4 x adjusting factor 4 x 1.45
Cast Iron GG20 & Phosphated Adjustable Variable Speed Pulleys for Z, A, B & SPZ, SPA, SPB Section Belts & Belting
-> Z-SPZ Cast Iron Pilot Bore
-> A-SPA Cast Iron Pilot Bore
-> B-SPB Cast Iron Pilot Bore
-> Z-SPZ Cast Iron Taper Bored
-> A-SPA Cast Iron Taper Bored
-> B-SPB Cast Iron Taper Bored
-> Classical Vee Belts Z Section
-> Classical Vee Belts A Section
-> Classical Vee Belts B Section
-> Wedge Belts SPZ Section
-> Wedge Belts SPA Section
-> Wedge Belts SPB Section
-> Taper Bushes (Taper Lock*)
To compliment the Stock range of Products the company offers a comprehensive reworking service to modify any stock Pulley to your individual requirements?
This New feature is there to provide useful links to other pages, further information and Tips you may find of interest?
 Reworking Service: Links to Related Products:    Links to Belts:   
-> A-SPA Pre-Bored for Locking Bush
-> B-SPB Pre-Bored for Locking Bush
-> Shaft Locking Bushes (Clamping)
Alternative Shaft Fixing Option:
As an alternative to either Boring & Keywaying a pilot bore pulley or using a Taper bored pulley and Bush! Why not take a look at the range of Locking Bushes we now offer, as they eliminate the need for fixing via a Keyway-Key thereby providing the added benefit of a uniform distribution of the drive load over the entire diameter of the bush?(Use this link to go locking bush page)
Services -
-> Adjustable Motor Rails & Bases for Adusting Belt Drive Centre's
-> Automatic Tensioning Arms for Fixed Centre Drives
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