This range of Plastic Wear
Strips are made from a High
Molecular Weight Polyethlene
offers Dynamic friction
coefficient of P= 0.05 N/mm2
V=0,06 m/s T= 40c with a
operating Temperature range
of -200 to + 60C and tolerate
+80C for short periods, and are
available in Profile to suit
British Standard Roller chains!
The are Green in colour and
available in stock lengths of 2 or 3 meters with 4 meter lengths available on request! .
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T Profile
GCT-06 10x15 Section 06B1
GCT-08 10x20or15x20or20x20 Section 08B1
GCT-10 15x20or20x20 Section
GCT-12 15x25or20x25 Section
GCT16 15x40or20x40 Section
T2 Profile
GC-T2-06 10x25 Section 06B2
GC-T2-08 10x35or15x35or20x35
Section 08B2
GC-T2-10 10x40or15x40or20x40
Section 10B2
GC-T2-12 15x45or20x45 Section
GC-T2-16 15x65or20x65 Section
T3 Profile
GC-T3-06 10x35 Section 06B3
GC-T3-08 10x45or15x45or20x45
Section 08B3
GC-T3-10 10x55or15x55or20x55
Section 10B3
GC-T3-12 15x60or20x60 Section 12B3
E Profile
GC-E-06 10x20 Section 06B1
GC-E-08 15x25 Section 08B1
GC-E-10 15x28 Section 10B1
GC-E-12 20x38 Section 12B1
GC-E-16 25x51 Section 16B1
K Profile
GC-K-06 25x20 Section 06B1
GC-K-08 30x24 Section 08B1
GC-K-10 35x30 Section 10B1
GC-K-12 35x40 Section 12B1
GC-K-16 45x40 Section 16B1
U Profile
GC-U-06 15x20 Section 06B1
GC-U-08 15x20 Section 08B1
GC-U-10 15x25 Section 10B1
GC-U-12 20x25 Section 12B1
KG Profile
GC-KG-08 22.5x27Section
GC-KB-10 22.5x27 Section
GC-KB-12 22.5x27 Section
CT Profile
GC-CT-08 15x20 Section 08B1
GC-CT-10 15x20 Section 10B1
GC-CT-12 15x20 Section 12B1
GC-CT-16 15x28 Section 16B1
CT" Profile
GC-CT2-06 15x15.7 Section
GC-CT2-08 15x21.4 Section
GC-CT2-10 15x25.9 Section
GC-CT2-12 15x 30.7 Section
GC-CT2-16 20x48.3 Section
C Section Support
C3 10x20 Section
C5 12x28 Section
C9 18x38 Section
C10 24x30 Section
Std. Steel Zinc Plated, but also available in Stainless Steel!
The C Section Steel Support rails are produce from Mild Steel & Zinc Plated as standard, but can also be supplied in Stainless Steel upon request?
This is a New Product Range for us, and currently we are not offering a UK Manufacturing service for profiles outside those listed on this page, although for volume enquiries  our main manufacturing factory in Italy are able to quote on a to order bases? please ask our Sales office for details!
-> Carbon Steel BS Roller Chains
-> Carbon Steel BS Extended Pitch Roller Chains
-> Carbon Steel BS Straight Side Plate Chains
-> BS Hollow Pin Roller Chains
-> Nickel Plated BS Roller Chains
-> Stainless Steel BS Roller Chains
-> Zinc Plated BS Roller Chains
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