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Shaft Fixings Products Index:
->Taper Bushes:
Taper Bushes used in conjunction with most drive products for shaft fixing onto Imperial & Metric Shafts Sizes!
->Clamping-Friction-Locking Bushes:
As an alternative to Taper bush fixing use a clamping bush over Sixteen different types to suit all type of mounting arrangements -
equivalents to Tollock, Ringspan
Ringfeder, KTR and many more!
->Shaft Keys- Gib head- Feather:
Keys & Key Steel -Imperial & Metric Taper Gib Head- Rectangle Parallel (Single & Double round ends) -Woodruff.
->Shaft Collars- Plain & Split:
Three Types of Metric Bore
Collars -
Shouldered (Zinc or Phos.)
Plain to Din 705 (Zinc, Phos. SS)
Split Clamping (Zinc or Phos)
->Shaft Support Pillow Block Bearing Units:
Cast Iron & Pressed Steel Self Lube bearing support blocks & Bearings- UCP-UCF-UCFL-UCT-UCFC
->Weld in Taper Bored Hubs:
W, WM, WH Type Weld in Hubs for converting a product to take a Taper Bush!
SM & BF Type Bolt on Hubs for converting a product to take a Taper Bush!.
Bolt on Pilot bore Hubs for use with a Roller Chain Plate wheel!
->Bush Type PM & KM Adaptors:
->Ball Bearings( Popline Series):
-> Bolt on Hubs-Taper Bush/Pilot Bore:
New Product lines to follow?
New Product lines to follow?
New Product lines to follow?
New Product lines to follow?
New Product lines to follow?
PM & KM Types Adaptors for converting a product to take a Taper Bush!
Radial Ball Bearings for use in any type of Drive wheel to generate an Idler wheel 6000, 6200 & 6300 Series of ZZ & 2RS
As the Shaft Fixing is an integal part of any drive system and in some cases the most important part, we do recommend that close attention should always be paid to ensure that any drive product is fitted correctly, as ultimately the drive's success and it serviceable life will depend on how well it is installed and commissioned?

Therefore to compliment our ranges of Drive Products we also offer a number of add on Products and Services including the following:
Re-working Services
1- Re-Bore,Keyway & Grub Screw!
2- Boring & Welding of Weld in Hubs!
3- Boring & Drilling for Bolt on Hubs!
4- Boring & Fitting of ball bearings for Idlers wheels!
5- Taper Boring for Taper bush!
6- Flame & Induction Hardening!
7- Plating-Zinc,Nickle,
Phosiphating,Chemically Blacking,
Hard Andosing!
and any of these services can incorporate any of the following ranges of Shaft fixing products!
->Motor Slide Rails & Bases:
Motor Slide Rails & Bases for adjusting Centre Distances and Tensioning of Drive Systems in One our Two Planes!