This CHA Series of Shaft Mounted
Speed Reducers are dimensional
identical to the Bonfiglioli TA
Series and there replaceable with
no need for redesign or drawing
changes! Mainly conceived for the
Conveyor Belt Drive market and
with the possibility of including a
Backstop on the sizes 35-80
making them none reversible
and therefore suitable for inclined
plane applications as well!

There are eight sizes to the range
with the CHA40, 50 & 60 sizes having alternative Output Shaft sizes and
Tension Arms being available for all sizes except the CHA30 which has an alternative method for anchoring and in a range of popular ratio's for prompt dispatch with other ratio's being available upon request!
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CHA Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer dimensional the same as Bonfiglioli TA Series
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10, 12.7 15,25   15,25 15,25 15,25 15 14.7 15

Output Shaft

 30  35  40,45  45,50,55 50,55,60 60,70   70   80 
Optional Extras:
** Other ratio's available upon request!
1- Torque/Tension Arm!
2- BackStop!!
All units are supplied without Oil as the amount and the viscosity of the oil used is dependent on its mounting position and Load /Temperature conditions. please ask our Techincal Sales for details?
Other Sizes & Design Types:
-> CH 03-05 Worm Units (Bonfiglioli VF30 -49)
-> CH 06-08 Worm Units (Bonfiglioli W 63-86)
-> CHM025-90 Worm Units (Motorvario NRV/NMRV025-90)
-> CHM110-150 Worm Units (Motorvario NRV/NMRV110-150)
-> CHPC/CH Prestage Helical Spur/Worm(BonfiglioliVFR44,49&WR63,75&86)
-> CHPC/CHM Prestage Helical Spur/Worm(Motovario PC-NMRV040-130)
-> CHM/CHM Double Worm Units (Motovario NMRV/NMRV025/030- 063/150)
-> CH/CH Double Worm Units (Bonfiglioli VF30/44 -VFW44/86)
-> CHS Worm Screw Jacks (Manuel & Motorised) 0.5 to 10 ton
If you can not find what you are looking for here!
Besides the sizes listed here, we can also provide the entire range of Bonfigiloli units as well as others brand name such as Varvel and Siti? please contact our Sales Office for full details!
-> CHC Helical Inline Gear Unit with same Foot print as Motovario & Bonfiglioli)
-> CHO Helical-Hypoid Gear Unit with Same Footprint of CHM& CH Worm Units
-> CHT-RP Right Angle Spiral Bevel T Gear units (Poggi 2000 Series)
-> CHT-RB Right Angle Spiral Bevel T Gear (Poggi 4000&Bonfigiloli RAN series)
Technical Drive Service:
Drive selection Service is available upon request!
-> Adjustable Motor Bases & Slide Rails can also be use for GearBox mounting
-> CHV Mechanical Variators 5-1 similar to (Motorvario/Bonfiglioli/Siti)