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Superior Designed Aluminium cased Worm Gear units CH03 - 05 Dimensional the same as Bonfigiloli VF30 to VF49 series
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This New & Improved Design of Worm Gear Units have the same dimensions of the Bonfigiloli VF 30-44-49 Sizes and can be supplied complete with a Motor or as a Pam type with a Hollow Input shaft and motor flange, hence dimensional replaceable and therefore no need for redesign or drawing changes, but offering the following improved design features:
1- A Seperate Motor Mounting Flange that does not include the Oil Seal so as to avoid any seal damage when replacing the Motor Flange eliminating the need for the O Ring!
2- The Side Feet Mounting Covers now have an O ring seal rather the the flat gasket for better sealing and allows the side covers to be rotated without the need for dissassembly when changing to N or V type mounting positions, which eliminate the need for multi stocking types!
3- The Worm has a ZI involute profile to improve performace and reduce Temperature!
4- Gear castings are in Aluminium and painted with RAL 9022 Aluminium colour epoxy power to protect against oxidation and any miro blowholes that may have been present during the pressure die-casting process!
Optional Extras:
1- Motor Flanges!
2- Output Flanges F & FA!
3- Single Output Shaft!
4- Double Outpur Shaft!
5- Torque Arm!
6- Shaft End Cover!
7- Motor Shaft Sleeves (Single & Double)!
Design Types:
CHR type - Foot Mounting with Solid Single Input Shaft!
CHRE type -Foot Mounting with Solid Double Input Shaft!
CH type - Foot Mounting with Pam Hollow Input Shaft & Motor Flange!
CHE type - Foot Mounting with Pam Hollow Input Shaft & Motor Flange and Solid Input Shaft Extension!
CHR---P type - Shaft Mounting with Solid Single Input Shaft!
CHRE---P type - Shaft Mounting with Solid Double Input Shaft!
CH--P type - Shaft Mounting with Pam Hollow Input Shaft & Motor Flange!
CHE---P type - Shaft Mounting with Pam Hollow Input Shaft & Motor Flange and Solid Input Shaft Extension!
 For N & V type mounting positions , the side foot mounting plate can be turned by releasing the screws and the turning the plate into the new postion. We recomend that one plate is done at a time and that some sealant is applied to the 2 screws each side closest to the worm as these are through holes?
Non Standard Input Flanges:
As the Input shaft seal is now mounted in the gear casing rather than the Input Flange, then it is now possible to fit none IEC Motor Flanges as required for DC or Brushless Motors?
All CH Series sizes are pre-filled with Synthetic Lubricant to ISO VG320 -25C/+50C and are maintenance free with sufficent lubricant for mounting in any position!.
Other Sizes & Design Types:
-> CH06-08 Worm Units (Bonfiglioli W 63-86)
-> CHM025-90 Worm Units (Motorvario NRV/NMRV025-90)
-> CHM110-150 Worm Units (Motorvario NRV/NMRV110-150)
-> CHPC/CH Prestage Helical Spur/Worm(Bonfiglioli VFR44,49&WR63,75&86)
-> CHPC/CHM Prestage Helical Spur/Worm(Motovario PC-NMRV040-130)
-> CHM/CHM Double Worm Units (Motovario NMRV/NMRV025/030- 063/150)
-> CH/CH Double Worm Units (Bonfiglioli VF30/44 -VFW44/86)

















Motor Flange









Output Flange

      F      F ,FA     F ,FA


 Universal     Universal     Universal 
UNI denotes Universal mounting B3, B6, B7, B8, V5, V6!
-> CHS Worm Screw Jacks (Manuel & Motorised) 0.5 to 10 ton
-> CHA Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (Bonfiglioli TA30-80)
If you can not find what you are looking for here!
Besides the sizes listed here, we can also provide the entire range of Bonfigiloli Inlne units as well as others brand name such as Varvel and Siti? please contact our Sales Office for full details!
-> CHC Helical Inline Gear Unit with same Foot print as Motovario & Bonfiglioli)
-> CHO Helical-Hypoid Gear Unit with Same Footprint of CHM& CH Worm Units
-> CHT-RP Right Angle Spiral Bevel T Gear units (Poggi 2000 Series)
-> CHT-RB Right Angle Spiral Bevel T Gear (Poggi 4000&Bonfigiloli RAN series)
Drive selection Service is available upon request!
Technical Drive Service:
-> Adjustable Motor Bases & Slide Rails can also be use for GearBox mounting
-> CHV Mechanical Variators 5-1 similar to (Motorvario/Bonfiglioli/Siti)