Range: 17 sizes, 8A,17A,22A,31A,44A,58A
460A,580A,820A,950A & 110A
Advanced Starting and Stopping:
1- Reduced inrush current & Mechanical shock
2-Soft, smooth step less acceleration/Deceleration
3-Current limit
4-Pump control program
5-Torque & Current Control characterisics
6-Unique- Pulse Start,Dual adjustments, slow speed with electronic reversing
Sophisticated Motor Protection:
1-Too many starts & start inhibit
2-Long start time (Stall protection)
3-Electronic shear-pin (Jam) with adjustable curves & delay
4-Electronic overload with selectable curves
5-Under current
6-Phase loss
7-Phase sequence &Under/Over Frequency
8-Under/Over & no voltage
9-Load loss (motor not connected)
10-External fault
11-Shorted SCR
12-Starter over Temperature protection
13-Motor insulation test (option)
14- Motor thermistor (option)
15-Built-Bypass while all protective functions remain active
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Soft Starts: Solstar Miniature - Solstar Plus Analogue & RVS-DX Digital for Motor Sizes up to 630KW
We currently offer three types of Soft Starts for Standard AC three phase squirrel cage motors! The Solstart Miniature is the basic Analogue type unit offering two phase control for Soft Starting & Stopping of Motors up to 58A, the Solstart Plus again is an Analogue type with two phase control for Soft Starting & Stopping but also offering built in Motor protection control for motors up to 170A, and finally there is the RVS-DX Digital Type which offers full feature options including enhanced Start-Stop characteristics and a comprehensive Motor protection package that guarantee long term reliability coupled with bypass design ensuring excellent performance!
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Solstart Miniture:
Range: 6 Sizes 8A,17A,22A,31A,44A,& 58A
Reduced current inrush & mechanical shock
Soft,smooth, stepless acceleration & deceleration
Maintenance free, all solid state
Compact, light weight
Easily installed and operated
Built-in bypass
Din Rail mounting, IP20
(standard 8-22A option31-58A)
Solstart Miniture Plus:
RVS-DX Digital:
Range: 8 Sizea 31A,44A,58A,72A,85A
105A,145A & 170A
Two phase control
Soft start & soft stop
Current limit
Built-in Bypass
Built-in motor protection
Start /Stop by volt free contact
End of Acceleration Relay
Fault Relay
Compact, light weight, small footprint
DIN Rail mounting (Standard 17-22A
option 31-44A)
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Manufacturing Service:
For Volume applications or small volume High Power specials, we are also able to offer individual packaging design to suit customer's own requirements, please contact our Tecnincal Sales department with your requirement details!.
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