The AC Electric Motor market is currently going through a
number of changes at the moment as the demand for World
Wide standardisation of power efficiencies is being enforced
from the old EFF (IE1) efficiency ratings to the New compulsory
IE2 Series, which came into force in June 2011, and then the
first stage of the IE3 (7.5 to 375KW) that will come into force
from the Ist January 2015, and then fully on the 1st January
2017 when the range is increase to cover 0.75 to 375KW power
Since these Efficiency ratings have become the by word for
the industry, and as stocks of the old EFF (IE1) rating motors
are being replaced by the IE2 then it should soon become
clearer which motor manufacturers are offering the best value
for money, when comparing the cost against efficiency
ratio? Hence we will continue to work hard to provide you with a combined program from various world wide manufacturer's, which will include the entire range of AC Industrial Motor from VEM (Germany) which include IE1, IE2, IE3, 3 phase Standard asynchronous Cast Iron,Two Speed motors, DC Brake motors, Slip-Ring motors, Explosion Proof motors, Water Cooled motors, Roller table motors, and Non-ventilating Motors along with others manufacturers such as, CHT (Italy), EMG (Italy), FFD (Austria), TEE (Turkey), Koncar (Croatia), UMEB (Romania) as well other brands, which will enable us supply not only the High End of the market where the Brand or the Higher Efficiency Rating of the motor is king? But also in the low power end of the market from 0.09 to 0.55KW where the IE1 Efficiency are still produced and also in 0.75KW up to 18.5KW range where the lower cost Aluminium Framed IE2 motors come into play?
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AC Electric Motors Products Index:
AC Electric Motors: Single Phase Types
->Permanent Capacitor 230/240Volt 50HZ (Low Starting Torque)
->Permanent Capacitor 110 Volt 50HZ (Low Starting Torque)
->Cap Start/Cap Run 230/240Volt 50 HZ (High Starting Torque)
->Cap Start/Ind Run 110Volt 50 HZ (High Starting Torque)
AC Electric Motor Index: Three Phase
->IE1 Cast Iron Frame Dual Voltage 50/60HZ -While Stock Last?
->IE1 Aluminium Frame Dual Voltage 50/60HZ-While Stock Last?
->IE2 Higher Efficiency Cast Iron Frame Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
->IE2 Higher Efficiency Aluminium Frame Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
->Higher Output Compact Frame type Daul Voltage 50/60HZ
->IE1/IE2 Alum & Cast Frame with DC or AC Brakes
->IE1AC 2 Speed Motors Constant Torque Type
->IE1 AC 2 Speed Motors Variable Torque Type
->IE2 Atex EXD Zone1 & ExtD Zone 21
AC Control Equipment Index:
->Delta VFD-E AC Inverter Range Low Power Series Up to 22KW
->Soft Starts: SolStart Mini - Solstart Plus - RVS-DX Digital
Other Related Products:
->IE2 Generator Motors for Power Generation Applications
->Adjustable Motor Bases & Slide Rails
IE1, IE2 High Efficieny Motor & IE3 Premium Efficiency
So regardless of whether your preference is for Quality or Efficency or just Price we have the product to meet it?
A Comprehensive Range of AC Electric Motors for Foot mounting as a stand alone unit or Flange mounting to one of our ranges of Worm & Helical Spur Gear units!
->AC Explosion Proof - Marine -Slip-Ring 3Phase Motors
->IE3 Cast Iron Frame Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
->IE3 Aluminium Frame Dual Voltage 50/60HZ
-> Gear Units: Worm, Helical, Bevel, Screw Jacks,Helical Hypoid