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Shaft Coupling Drive Products Index:
Direct Drive Shaft Couplings Type Index:
-> HRC Type Flexible Couplings Pilot Bore & Taper Bored
Torque Range 31.5-7200nm
-> Polymer Sleeve Couplings with short & long Hubs Pilot Bore
Torque Range 11.5-840nm
-> Giflex Internal Gear Couplings with Steel Sleeve Pilot Bore
Torque Range 600-90000nm
-> Flexible Spider Couplings in Aluminium -Steel -Cast Iron Pilot Bore
Torque Range 10-4800nm
-> Flexible Spider Couplings in Cast Iron Taper Bored
Torque Range10-1950nm
->Spider Couplings Anti-backlash Type Pilot Bore
Torque Range 1.8 -650nm
We offer a Comprehensive Range of Drive Shaft Couplings that are design to meet the varying drive criteria of direct transmission of torque from one shaft to another!
Our range includes:
Twelve Sizes of CR Type Roller Chain Couplings
Eight Sizes of HRC Type Flexible element couplings
Ten Sizes of SG Polymer Sleeve Couplings
Nine Sizes of Giflex Internal Gear
with Steel Sleeve couplings
Ten Sizes of Flexible Spider Pilot bore Couplings
Six Sizes of Flexible Spider
Taper Bored Couplings
Six Sizes of Flexible Spider Anti - Back lash Couplings

Fast & Reliable Re-working Service:
To compliment this range of Drive Couplings the company can also provide a variety of finishing services, to suit individual customer's own requirements, and briefly include:-
Drill & Tapping
Wire Eroding
Plating: Zinc, Chemically Black, Nickel, Phosiphating, Hard Andosing

For Volume Original Equipment Manufacturer's: Beside the re-working service offered above, we also provide from our manufacturing plant in Italy a pre-machined shaft ready service for volume users where cost is paramount, please ask our Sales department for details?
-> A Free Drive Selection Service is available upon request, please click on this link to go to our Drive Selection Service Page for details!
Free Drive Selection Service:
Please Note!
As we are on a continual program of expanding and extending our Product Portifilo, it is not always possible to ensure that on a day to day bases these pages reflect our entire product ranges, therefore if you are unable to find what you are looking for we would welcome the opportunity of discussing your requirement, as we may be able to offer you an alternative product that is not shown here?
-> CR Type Roller Chain Couplings with Plastic Cover Pilot Bore.
Torque Range 150-17800nm