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Poly Vee Belt Product Index:
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Poly Vee Belt Drive Products index:
A Poly Vee Belt Drive utilizes the benefit of a single flexible high power capacity low stretch belt with a continuous cord across the full width of the belt enabling a reduced belt width and smaller pulley diameters which in turn allows for higher belt speeds and higher transmission ratios in smaller spaces!
Some of the other Benefits of a Poly Vee Belt drive:
The Poly Vee Belt drive employs the incompressible fluid characteristics of rubber componds to distribute pressure evenly over all parts of the driving surfaces. Unlike Vee / Wedge belts which wedge into the grooves and require clearance beneath the belt to acheive the action, the Poly Vee belt does not operate by a wedging action, but is made for the closest possible fit into the pulley, with substantially continuous contact between the ribbed surface of the belt and the pulley grooves, ensuring:-
1- Reduced losses due to bending!
2- Smooth running - constant pitch diameter!
3- Maximum frictional grip!
4- Minimum power loss due to centrifugal force!
Although the full range of Poly Vee Belt are available in five pitch sizes as follows, our current stocking ranges cover the main sections used for industrial application J Section (Light), L Section (Medium) with the M section (Heavy) being available on a to order bases?

H Extra light duty belt for volume applications in small high-tech electrical equipment!
J Low cost space saving belt for light duty applications!
PK Specificially designed for the automotive industry, but also suitable for special industrial drives in the machine tools industry!
L Versatile medium duty belt for a wide variety of industrial applications!
M Heavy duty belt for unrivalled performance!
Poly Vee Belts H, J, PK, L & M Sections:
Poly Vee Pulleys: J & L Sections in Cast Iron & Steel
-> Poly Vee Belts J Section
-> Poly Vee Belts L Section
-> Poly Vee Pulleys J Section Pilot /Taper Bored
-> Poly Vee Pulleys L Section Taper Bored
-> Taper Bushes - Metric & Imperial Bores
-> Adjustable Motor Bases & Rails for Tensioning
The company provides a full manufactuing service on a Too order bases to cater for any size of pulley and all the Poly Vee Belt Sections, outside its current Standard production range of pulleys to suit J Section belts from 40.0 to 250.0 diameter with 8, 12 & 16 Grooves types and L Section belts from 75.0 to 315.0 diameter with 8, 12, 16, Material either Cast Iron or Steel for belt speed up to 33m/s!
-> A Free Drive Selection Service is available upon request, please click on this link to go to our Drive Selection Service Page for details!
->Beside the Reworking Service the company offers a Full Manufacturing Service that caters for:-
1- Any requirement outside the stock range!
2- Customers own drawing requirement.
3- When a stock Vee pulley is not suitable?
See our manufacturing Capacity
-> Spring Loaded Belt Tensioners