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A Flat belt drive may be old Technology, but is still one of the most efficent method of Power Transmission by combining the Habasit modern range of Flat Belts and this range of Crown Flat pulleys, then it's possible to acheive up to 99% efficency of power transmission coupled with improved belt life of up to 4 times, compared against a Multi Groove Vee Pulley Drive of at the best 92% efficency, then this more than warrants the initial increase in capital cost?
A Recent addition to our Drive's Product Portifilo, although a well established technology is a range of Flat Belt and Pulleys for Power Tranmission drive systems!
Benefits over Vee Belt Drive System:
Up to 99% Efficent transmission of power:
Moderen Flat belt drives are again being more widely used within the power transmission drive market, due to their advantages over a conventional Vee belt Drive!
1- Higher degree of efficency up to 99%?
2- Up to 4 times the life span, lower maintenance costs?
3- Lower noise emission of between 10-20dB?
4- Almost maintenance free operation after initial tensioning?
Crowned Flat Belt Pulleys to DIN 111/ISO 100
Standard Stock range of Taper Bored Crowned Flat belt pulleys in Cast Iron GG20-25 with or without Flanges phosiphated and balanced to Q6.3 from 63.0 up to 630 diameter available in seven stock widths.
-> A Free Drive Selection Service is available upon request, please click on this link to go to our Drive Selection Service Page for details!
As the Habasit Range of Flat Belt for power transmission are design to run under tension and can take up to 2% of tension without affecting life expectancy, therefore to ensure that the correct belt is selected and the correct amount of pre-tension are calculated and applied to ensure maximum drive efficency and maintenance free operation., In conjuntion with Habasit we provide a Free Drive selection service! for more details click on the link below?
Habasit Endless Flat Belts for Power Transmission
Habasit have developed the HabaDRIVE range of belts which comprise three different traction layer materials depending on drive application and conditions.
( HabaDRIVE is a Trade mark of Habasit Belting)
Flat Belt Drive Products index:
-> Habasit Flat Belting ranges TC/TCF, S/A & TF types
-> Crowned Flat Belt Pulleys: Plain - Taper Bored
-> Crowned Flat Belt Pulleys: Flanged - Taper Bored
-> Adjustable Motor Bases & Rails for Tensioning
-> Taper Bushes Metric & Imperial Bore
-> Spring Loaded Belt Tensioners
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