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Free Drive Selection Service:
As a drives company with over 24 years of trading experience with a Comprehensive range of drive products, its techincal staff some of which have accumulated over 35 years of product knowledge and drives experience in specifying and supplying power transmission drives to the drives industry, it is ideally situated to provide one stop drive selection resource service!
This is a free Power Transmission Drive Selection Service on any product within its drives portifolio and includes:
Disclaimer: This a free Drive Design Service and is provided subject to the following pre-conditions:
1- The Drive Selection will be offered based on the information you have provided, and if any of the information you provided is found to be either un-reliable or incorrect, then the company will be exempt from any responsibility for the pre-mature failure of the drive!
2- Any liability on the performance of the drive is based on the normal duty cycle for the type of drive selected and that the customer has maintained the drive components in accordance with the manufacturer recommenditions, and will only extend to the drive components you purchased against this drive selection and liability for any other costs will not be accepted!
3- As this is a Free Service any complaints or claims will only be considered if subsequently the drive was then purchased from us, otherwise the company can not be held responsible for the pre-mature failure of a drive that has been supplied by a third party!
On and above these conditions our full Trading Terms and Conditions apply!
Vee Belt Pulley Drives:
Roller Chain Sprockets Drives:
Timing Belt Pulley Drives:
Crown Flat Belt Drives:
Poly Vee Belt Pulley Drives:
Direct Coupling Drives:
Motorised Gear Drives: including Right Angle Worm, Helical Worm, Helical Bevel, Helical Spur, and Worm Screw Jacks.
Drive Selection information requirements:
Contact Name:__________________________

Contact Details:
Telephone No.__________________
Fax No.____________________
Email Address.____________________________________
Application Details:_____________________(Own Use, or Third Party Use)
Description of Machine:____________________________________________
Duty Cycle:______________________________________________________
(Hours per day, Days per year, Number of stop/starts in a Day)
Serviceable Life required:______________________________________
Drive requirements:
Type of Drive required._____________________________________________
(Example: Roller Chain, Vee Belt, etc)

Prime MoverType:________________________________________________
(Electric Motor- with or without soft start, Diesel Engine, other-specify?)
Shaft Diameter & Useable length:_______________

Driven Machine:
Shaft Diameter & Useable length:_______________

Prefered Centre Distance:__________________
Any Restrictions or Special requirements:____________________________
(Such as mounting position or dimensional restrictions?)
If you would like to use this Free Service, then please forward your Drive requirements (The information require is detailed opposite) either via email or Fax, and we be only too pleased to submit our proposal?
You can either print this page or download the Drive Selection Information requirement sheet in a PDF format for easier use by clicking on the link below and selecting it from our list of techincal help sheets!
-> Link to the Technical information Sheet index page (and select Drive Selection Requirements Sheet from the Help Sheets Index!)
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