The Company Offers a Unique Service to the Drives Industry, as it not
only provides a Large and Comprehensive Range of High Quality Stock
Products for off the shelf delivery, but also provides a Specialist
Manufacturing Service that caters for any Small to Large Volume
requirement or even a 1 off prototype to suit any individual specfication
including alternative materials types such as Stainless Steel for the
Food & Marine Industries.
Welcome to the Specialist Supplier & Manufacturer to the Power Transmission Drives Industry
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Belts Classical Imperial Pitch Sizes:
Belts HTD-GT-GT2-GT3 Pitch Sizes:
Belts Metric Pitch T & AT Pitch Sizes:
Timing Belt Drive Products Index:
Product Highlights:
New Range of Timing Belts:
A New Combined Range of Belts, Sleeves & Belting (Various Brands, including Premium Brands such as Gates) enabling the company to Service any requirement, regardless of whether it be for a High Quality Premium Brand or a lower cost alternative?
Extensive Range Of Timing Pulleys:
A Complete Range of Pitch Sizes & Types including Classical, Metric, HTD, GT & the New GT2 Poly Chain Pulleys available in Pilot bore & Taper Bush Types.
A Comprehensive Range of Timing Bar & Clamping Plates:
To Service the demand for None Standard Tooth Sizes & Wider Width Drive Pulleys used in the Conveyoring, & Material Handling Industries.
Supply Methods & Services:
Standard Stock Products for Immediate Delivery:
Re-Working Service:
UK Manufacturing Service:
Volume Manufacturing Service:
-> Pitch 0.08" MXL Belts & Sleeves
-> Pitch 0.20" XL Belts & Sleeves
-> Pitch 0.375" L Single-Double,Belting & Sleeves
-> Pitch 0.500" H Single-Double,Belting & Sleeves
-> Pitch 0.875" XH Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> Pitch 1.25" XXH Belts
-> HTD 3M Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> HTD 5M Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> HTD 8M Single-Double Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> HTD 14M Single-Double Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> Power Grip GT 3MR & 5MR Belts
->GT2 8MGT & 14MGT Single-Double Sided Belts
-> GT3 3MGT3 & 5MGT3 Belts
-> GT3 8MGT3 & 14MGT3 Belts
-> Poly Chain 8MGTC & 14MGTC Belts.
->T2.5 Belts & Sleeves
-> T 5 Single/Double Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> T 10 Single/Double Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> AT 10 Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> T20 & AT 20 Belting only
Tecnical Services:
Pulleys Classical Imperial Pitch
Pilot Bore Types:
Taper Bushed Types:
Pulleys HTD, GT & Poly Chain
Pilot Bore Types:
Clamping Plates for Endless Belting
-> Clamping Plate HTD Belting
Taper Bushed Types:
Pulleys Metric Pitch T & AT
-> GT 3MR-5MR Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> HTD 14M Pitch Pulleys Pilot Bore
-> HTD 8M Pitch Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> HTD 3M Pitch Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> XH Pitch Pulleys Taper Bored
-> H Pitch Pulleys Taper Bored
-> L Pitch Pulleys Taper Bored
-> XXH Pitch Pulleys Pilot Bore
-> XH Pitch Pulleys Pilot Bore
-> H Pitch Pulleys Pilot Bore
-> L Pitch Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> XL Pitch Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> MXL Pitch Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> HTD 5M Pitch Pulleys Taper Bored
-> HTD 8M Pitch Pulleys Taper Bored
-> HTD 14M Pitch Pulleys Taper Bored
A Fast & Reliable Modification Service to any of our Standard Stock Products, including Boring, Keywaying, Tapped Holes, Turning, Milling, Plating(Zinc,Nickel) Heat Treatments.
-> A Quick & Efficent UK Manufacturing Service that specialises in servicing any Small to Medium Volume none standard requirement or alternative material such as Stainless Steel.(click on this link to go to the Manufacturing Capacity Page)
A Competitive Volume Manufacturing Service of any product to suit any individual customer's requirements.
-> Free Drive Selection Service. (Click on this link to go to the Drives Selections Page)
A Large Range of High Quality Standard Stock Designed Products that are available off the Shelf or on lead times to suit your requirements.
-> T2.5 Metric Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> T5 Metric Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> T10 Metric Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> AT5 Metric Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> AT10 Metric Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
lakehurstpt_2018080006.gif lakehurstpt_2018080004.gif
-> Poly Chain PC2-8MGT & PC2-14MGT Belts
-> Spring Loaded Belt Tensioners
Other Related Products:
-> Motor Slide Rails & Bases for Tensioning
-> Clamping Plates XL, L & H Belting
-> Clamping Plates T5,T10,AT5& AT10 Belting
-> AT 5 Belts, Belting & Sleeves
-> HTD 5M Pitch Pulleys & Bars Pilot Bore
-> PolyChain8M&14MPulleys&BarsPilot Bore
-> Locking Bushes Tollock&Others
-> Taper Bushes Metric & Imperial Bores
-> PolyChain8M&14MPulleysTaper Bored