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British Standard Simplex Idler Plate Wheels in Carbon Steel Complete with Bearing
For British Standard Roller Chains to BS228-DIN8187-ISO606R
Copyright remains the property of Lakehurst Limited
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-> B. S. Simplex Plate Wheels Pilot Bore
-> B. S Simplex Sprockets Pilot Bore
-> B. S Simplex Sprockets with Induction Harden Teeth Pilot Bore
Design Features include:
1- Material Carbon Steel C45 E Uni E10083-1 (suitable for Flame or induction Hardening)
2- Flexibility of Mounting?(Via all thread or std. Bolt)
3- Double Extended Inner Race? (So can be easily positioned using a Standard nut both sides)
4- Inexpensive?
This Range of Idler Plate Wheels have been designed to provide a low cost solution too tensioning any Simple, Duplex or Triplex British Standard Roller Chain Drive Train, as they are supplied complete with a Double Extended Inner Race Ball Bearing so that they can easliy be mounted using a length of All Thread or even a Standard Metric bolt.

Pitch Size

Iso. Ref 


of Teeth

Bearing Type

& Bore Size
8mm 05B-1     23  203KRR 16MM 
3/8" 06B-1     21  203KRR 16MM 
3/8" 06B-1     22 203KRR 16MM
1/2X1/8" 081     18 203KRR 16MM 
1/2X3/16" 083     15 203KRR 16MM 
1/2X3/16" 083     16  203KRR 16MM 
1/2X3/16" 083     18 203KRR 16MM 
1/2" 08B-1      14  203KRR 16MM 
1/2" 08B-1     16  203KRR 16MM 
1/2" 08B-1     18 203KRR 16MM
5/8" 10B-1      14  203KRR 16MM 
5/8" 10B-1      15  203KRR 16MM 
5/8" 10B-1     17  203KRR 16MM 
3/4" 12B-1      13 203KRR 16MM 
3/4" 12B-1      15  203KRR 16MM
1" 16B-1     12  204KRR 20MM 
1-1/4" 20B-1     13 204KRR 20MM
Beside this range of Pitch and Tooth sizes, we can produce many others including Duplex and Triplex Types by reworking any sprocket or plate wheel from any of the following stock ranges:-
1-Idler Plate Wheels (without boss) - using any tooth size within our Simplex- Duplex or Triplex Pilot bore Ranges-
2-Idler Sprockets (with boss) - using any tooth size within our Simplex -Duplex or Triplex Pilot Bore Ranges-
-> New Series Chain Tensioners
Beside this range, there a further Range of Idler plate wheels that are supplied with our News Series of Chain Tensioners, for details use the link above to access the page?
In Addition to the machining Services it offers it can also provide the following Heat Treatments:
FLAME Harden Teeth
INDUCTION Harden Teeth
CASE Hardening
The Company also provides a full range of Add on Plating Finishes:
ZINC (Clear or Yellow)
-> Beside the Reworking Service the company offers a Full Manufacturing
Service that caters for:-
1- Any requirement outside the stock range!
2- Customers own drawing requirement.
3- When a stock sprocket is not suitable?
See our manufacturing Capacity
-> Introduction to Roller Chain Sprockets including how to Identify and how to improve the life of your drive sprockets by up to 50%
-> Link NEW Product: A new range of Automatic Spring loaded range of Arm or Block Tensioners with Plate wheel attachments for Simplex, Duplex and Triplex chains along with a range of Polyuthurane Arc Segments and Two sizes of Belt pulleys for tensioning Vee Belt of flat Belt Drives
This New feature is there to provide useful links to other pages, further information and Tips you may find of interest?
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