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British Standard Simplex Pilot Bore in Grade 304 Stainless Steel
For British Standard Roller Chains to BS228-DIN8187-ISO606R
This British Standard Stock Range of Stainless Steel Sprockets in Grade AISI 304 are a relatively new addition to the company's product portifolio and were introduced to service the demand for Power Transmission and Conveyor applications within the Food Industry.
The company has intially introduced a Simplex Range to suit British Standard Roller chains, which are dimensional the same as the Standard Steel pilot bore range, although it can also produces Sprockets and Plate wheels to suit British Standard Duplex and Triplex chains upon request? (Sales of these sizes are currently being monitoring for inclusion into the stock range at a later date)




Tooth Sizes


3/8" Pitch

12 to 25 inc.



1/2" Pitch

12 to 27 inc.



5/8" Pitch

9 to 26 inc.



3/4" Pitch

11 to 25 inc.



1" Pitch

12 to 25 inc.

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Stock Range Material : AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Upon request, we can also produce any of the following products in Stainless Steel :-
1- Weld in Hubs
2- Taper Bushes
3- Taper Bored/Bushed Sprockets
4- Plate Wheels.
5- Conveyor Wheels
-> Carbon Steel B.S. Simplex Sprockets Pilot Bore
As a less expensive alternative why not consider using a Standard Carbon Sprocket and Nickle or Zinc Plated to Food Quality, as this is acceptable for application where to the drive is not in direct contact with food, but does need to be Hosed down?
To compliment the Stock range of Products the company offers a comprehensive reworking service to modify any stock sprocket to your individual requirements?
-> Beside the Reworking Service the company offers a Full Manufacturing
Service that caters for:-
1- Any requirement outside the stock range!
2- Customers own drawing requirement.
3- When a stock sprocket is not suitable?
See our manufacturing Capacity
-> Introduction to Roller Chain Sprockets including how to Identify and how to improve the life of your drive sprockets by up to 50%
This New feature is there to provide useful links to other pages, further information and Tips you may find of interest?
In addition to the Stock range listed here, the company provides a full manufacturing service on a to order bases to cater for any of the following requirements -
1- Alternative Grades such as AISI 316 for Marine applications?
2- Simplex, Duplex or Triplex Sprockets and Plate wheels to suit American Standard Roller to Ansi B 29.1/Din 8188?
3- Taper Bored Sprockets and Bushes for British or American Standard Roller Chains?
4- Or in fact for any series of Roller Chains, and Conveyor chains listed within our Manfacturing Capacity listing?
use the link below for more details -
Looking for a drive wheel not listed here -
Alternative Design Types:
Reworking Service:
Plating Service:
Links to Related Products:
As an alternative to either Boring & Keywaying a pilot bore pulley or using a Taper bored pulley and Bush! Why not take a look at the range of Locking Bushes we now offer, as they
eliminate the need for fixing via a Keyway-Key thereby providing the added
benefit of a uniform distribution of the drive load over the entire diameter of
the bush?(Use this link to go locking bush page)
Alternative Shaft Fixing Option:
-> Shaft Locking Bushes (clamping)