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Manufacturing Capacity: Roller Chain Drive Wheels
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The Company initially invested in a UK Manufacturing operation to service the demand for small quantity orders of none stock tooth sizes and any small quantity requirement outside the standard stock range on a quick lead time for the replacement service Industry.
This was shortly expanded into providing a subcontract support service to some of the biggest names within the UK's Power Transmission Market and through this service it has been involved in producing Roller Chain Drive Wheels for some internationally renown projects. One being for 1-3/4" 2" & 2-1/2" Pitch Triplex Plate Wheels that are used on the Worm drive units that power the Escalators on the Jubliee Line for the London Underground.
This Service has grown from not only producing Drive Wheels for Short Pitch Roller Chain but also Long Pitch Drive Wheels used within the Material Handing and Conveying Industries and now provide a range services offering three different levels of Service -
Level 1: A Fast & Reliable Manufacturing Service Geared to the Replacement Service Industry-
A UK Manufacturing Service that is geared to produce 1off's which is outside its standard stock range, and or to customer's sample or a none standard to a customers own specification up to 54" in diameter (1370mm) with a tooth width of 10" (254mm).
It is a Fast and Reliable Service that can produce wheels in very short lead times enabling it to cater for Production Breakdowns when Time is Money? up to maximum Standard lead time of 7/10 working days.

Level 2: A Small Volume Manufacturing Service Geared to the Drives Industry-
In conjuntion with its Fast Response Service it also provides a Small Volume UK Manufacturing Service that caters for any requirement up to 54" diameter x 10" tooth width to any customer's individual requirement or when a modifcation to Standard Stock Product is not suitable. Available on short lead times of between 7 to 20 working days depending on size and work in hand.
Level 3: A Large Volume Competitive European Manufacturing Service geared for all industries -
Larger Volume Production for O.E.M are serviced through its Purpose Built European Manufacturing Partners in Italy and Germany.
The Company can manufacture any type of drive wheel to suit all of the following Roller Chains:-
British Standard Short Pitch Roller Chains To BS228-DIN8187 & ISO606R -
4mm Pitch - 5mm(03) - 6mm(04B) - 8mm(05B) - 3/8"(06B) - 1/2x1/8"(081) - 1/2"x3/16"(083/084) - 1/2"x1/4"(085) - 1/2"x5/16"(08B) - 5/8"x1/4" - 5/8"x3/8"(10B) - 3/4"(12B) - 1"(16B) - 1" (208B)1.1/4"(20B) - 1.1/4"(210B)1.1/2"(24B) -1.1/2"(212B)1.3/4"(28B) - 2"(32B) -2"(216B) 2.1/2"(40B) -2.1/2"(220B) 3"(48B)* - 3.1/2"(56B)* - 4"(64B)* (* produced in Italy only)
and all variants?
British Standard Long Pitch Chains to BS4116 Part 4 -
Imperial Pitch Chain: Bush, Small Roller, Large Roller & Flanged Roller from 1" up to 24"
European Long Pitch (Metric) Chains to DIN8167 M Series -
Metric Pitch Chain: Bush, Small Roller, Large Roller & Flanged Roller from 40mm up to 600mm.
European Long Pitch (Metric) Chains to DIN8165 C Series -
Metric Pitch Chain: Bush, Small Roller, Large Roller & Flanged Roller from 50mm up to 400mm.
American Standard Short Pitch Roller Chains to ANSI B29.1-DIN8188 & ISO606R -
1/4"(25) - 3/8"(35) - 1/2"x1/4"(41) - 1/2"x5/16"(40) 5/8"x1/4"(520) - 5/8"x3/8"(50) - 3/4"(60) - 1"(80) - 1"(2040/2042) - 1.1/4"(100) - 1.1/4"(2050/2052) - 1.1/2"(120) - 1.1/2"(2060/2062) - 1.3/4"(140) - 2"(160) - 2"(2080/2082) 2.1/4"(180) - 2.1/2"(200) -2.1/2"(2100/2102) - 3"(240) - 3"(2120/2122) and all variants?
Drive wheels: sprockets or plate wheel with various design format can be produced including Spilt Sprockets with Two or Four Bolt Fixings, Shear Pin Assemblies (Various Design Types), Idler Sprockets, Double Simple, Double Duplex, Double Triplex in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Nylon, Delrin etc?
Chain Wheels: Heavy Duty Castings in various grades with oversized bosses can be produced from the Foundry in Italy?
-> Link to page showing Alternative Design Types
-> Link to our Manufacturing Picture Library
Modifying a Stock Product as Cheaper Alternative to Manufacture:
Along side this manufacturing service, the company also provides a full Reworking Service of its own stock products, and in some cases will offer you this as a cheaper alternative to manufacturing if it is felt that modifying a stock product would go a long way to acheiving your design criteria!