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American Standard Roller Chains Heavy (H) Series based on ISO 606R /Din 8188
American Standard H Series Roller Chains & High Impact Load versions -
H Series Roller Chains are based on the Standard Series Chains, although normally supplied and produced as a riveted chain, they can also be supplied as a cottered type if required?
The only difference from the standard series is the increase in plate thickness!, for example a ASA 60H chain would have the same plate thickness of ASA80, by increasing the plate thickness it improves the capacity to absorb shock loads by 10%. Beside increasing the side plate thickness, other Production Technics can be introduced to provide chains capable of up to 30% Higher for Heavy Duty applications in the Earth Moving & Quarrying Industries?
Information Bar -
Std Box length: 5meters, 10Ft
Cut lengths: to order
Connecting Link: Spring Clip type up to 1" with 1-/4" & 1-1/2" being Cotter Pin type
Offset/Crank Link: Single pitch type only
Chain Breakers: 3/8" to 3/4" & 3/4" to 1-1/4"
-> Special Profiles to order
 Increased Capacity Types:
1-Through Harden Pins!
2- Shaped side Plates!
3- Interference Fit between Pins & side Plates!
All provide increase load or Shock Capacity mainly for Earth moving & Quarry applications
Identifying High Impact Load Chains:
This is not easy, as these chains conform to the same nominal sizes as the Standard Series & Heavy Series Chains? Beside the normal dimensions, you will also need to check for?
1-Test for a Harden Pin, with a file?
2-Check for Increased Side Plate Height, not figure of eight? (Be careful not to confuse this with a Straight Side Plate chain?)
3-Check for Interference Fit between Pin & Bush, normally you can not remove the connecting link without a press?

Chain Size


X Width 


















Simplex ANSI No 60H-1 80H-1 100H-1 120H-1 140H-1 160H-1 180H-1 200H-1 240H-1
Duplex ANSI No 60H-2 80H-2 100H-2  120H-2 140H-2 160H-2 180H-2 200H-2 240H-2
Triplex ANSI No 60H-3 80H-3 100H-3 120H-3 140H-3 160H-3 180H-3 200H-3  240H-3
Production Measures that can be included to provide Chains that are more suitable for High Impact Loads:
1- Through Hardened Pins?
2- Shaped Side Plates?
3- Interference Fit Between Pins & Outer Plates?
Precision Roller Chains: as the company offer a combined range, that is produced by a number manufacturers from around the World, they have adopted the following Quality Standards:-
1- All chains have been produced in plant that is Certified to ISO 9001
2- Chains covered by the ISO 606R Standard, will conform to this Standard of Specification and Quality
3- For chains not covered by ISO606R, then we have adopted the appropriate Din 8187 or Din 8188 or Ansi B 29.1 of Specification and Quality Standard.
4- Work standard chains not covered by the above standards will conform to the appropriate Manufacturer's Standard.
Only listed here are the base designations of the Most popular pitch sizes and types, (If you are looking for a chain which is not listed here please use the company's Product Search Service below)
Note: Dimension Data sheets are only available upon request for these series of chains.
-> Product Search Service: If you have a manufacturer chain reference that is not listed here, then please do ask the company to search its Cross Reference Database?
(Use this link to email us)
This New feature is there to provide useful links to other pages, further information and Tips you may find of interest?
-> American Standard Simplex sprockets Pilot Bore
-> American Standard Simplex sprockets Taper Bored.
-> American Standard Simplex Plae wheels Pilot Bore.
Note: For Heavy Duty Chains you can only use the Standard Series Sprockets & Plate wheels for Simplex chains, for Duplex & Triplex chains these are available to order via our Sales Department!
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