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Although the ISO 606R standard has brought some continuity and comformity into the Roller Chain Market, as most manufacturers do now produce Chains with attachments links (K1, K2, M1 & M2) that are covered within the ISO/Din Standard.
However the range is some what limited and it still leaves a lot of chains which have special attachment links or extended pins that are not covered and are therefore produced to individual manufacturers own works standard providing the company with endless supply possibilities, too many to list here?

Therefore the company has developed a Policy of Combining production from around the World to provide the Most Comprehensive Range of Quality Chains and Attachments under one roof.
Some of the various types of attachment links that can be supplied?
Beside these Series of Small Pitch Roller Chains, the company can also supply the Full Range of Imperial & Metric Pitch
Conveyor Chains to following standards
BS 4116 part4
Din 8167
Din 8165
The Company has an extensive database of attachment profiles, too many to list, but here are some examples!
So regardless of what your requirement may be, please email our Sales office on