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1/2"  08B1HP 
5/8" 10B1HP
3/4" 12B1HP 
 1" 16B1HP 
Hollow Pin Carbon Steel Chains based on ISO 606R/Din 8187.
The Series of Hollow Pin Chains are based on the Short Pitch Carbon Series to ISO 606R/Din 8187 except the Solid Pin has been replaced with a Hollow Pin allowing for cross rods or spindels to be connected to the chain using the hole within the pin.
Std Box length: 5meters
Cut lengths: to order
Connecting Link: Circlip Type only.
-> ASA Short & Double Pitch Series
Beside this series of Hollow Pin Chains, the company can supply a number of both Imperial Pitch & Metric Pitch Chains which have been developed to suit applications that are for specific types of industry
The overall range is too varied too be list here but is available upon request, by contacting our Sales Office on - >
Hollow Pin Hole Diameters may vary from brand to brand please
advise existing diameter when ordering for replacment?
Attachment Links are available on some of the other series we supply, please ask our Sales Office for details?
Availablle in Stainless steel with some design types being subject to min. production quanitity
Precision Roller Chains: as the company offer a combined range, that is produced by a number manufacturers from Europe and Japan, they have adopted the following Quality Standards:-
1- All chains have been produced in plant that is Certified to ISO 9001
2- Chains covered by the ISO 606R Standard, will conform to this Standard of Specification and Quality
3- For chains not covered by ISO606R, then we have adopted the appropriate Din 8187 or Din 8188 or Ansi B 29.1 of Specification and Quality Standard.
4- Work standard chains not covered by the above standards will conform to the appropriate Manufacturer's Standard.
-> Another way of mounting Cross rods or spindles is through a Hole in the side plate See The Ansi Series Double Pitch chains
Only listed here are the base designations of the most popular pitch sizes and types, (If you are looking for a chain which is not listed here please use the company's Product Search Service below)
Note: Dimension Data sheets are only available upon request for these series of chains.
-> Product Search Service: If you have a manufacturer chain reference that is not listed here, then please do ask the Sales dept. to search its Cross Reference Database?
(Use this link to email us)
-> Simplex Pilot Bore Sprockets
-> Shaft Ready Simplex Sprockets
-> Simplex Pilot Bore Plate wheels
-> Simplex Pilot Bore/Taper bored with Induction Harden teeth sprockets
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