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-> Hollow Pin Din 8187 Carbon Steel-
-> Nickel Plated BS228/DIN818ISO 606R
-> Stainless Steel BS228/DIN8187ISO606R
-> Attachments links & Pins
Precision Roller Chain Drive Products:
-> ANSI B 29.1H -Heavy Series Carbon Steel
-> Double/Exteneded Pitch Carbon Steel
-> Hollow Pin Carbon Steel
-> Side Bow- Curve Carbon Steel
-> Nickel Plated Carbon Steel
-> Stainless Steel Grade 304/316
British Standard Roller Chains
American Standard Roller Chains
-> Zinc Plated BS228/DIN8187/ISO 606R
Sprockets (With Boss)
-> B.S. Simplex Carbon Steel Pilot Bore -
-> B.S. Simplex. Duplex & Triplex Taper Bored/Bushed
 Plate Wheels (No Boss)
-> B.S. Double Simple Plate wheels
-> B.S. Simplex Idler Plate Wheels+Bearing
Precision Roller Chain & Drive Products Index:
-> ANSI B 29.1 Oilfield Certified Carbon Steel
-> Attachment Links & Pins
-> Straight side plate, Bush, Self Lube & O Ring Carbon Steel
The Company believes that Quality does not have to be too Expensive and by adopting a policy of offering a Combined Range of Roller Chains, it remains independent of any one Brand and free to search its worldwide network of manufacturing partners to provide you a Quality product at a Competitive price by utilizing the Best from the Rest!
The company does this by ensuring all of its manufacturing partners comply with the following Quality Standards:-
1- All chains have been produced in plants that are Certified to ISO 9001
2- All chains covered by the ISO 606R Standard, will conform to this Std of Specification and Quality
3- For chains not covered by ISO606R, we have adopted for BS Chains, Din 8187 or BS 228 and ASA Chains, Din 8188 or Ansi B 29.1 of Specification and Quality Standard.
4- Work standard chains not covered by any of the above standards will conform to the appropriate Manufacturer's Standard, which will be provided upon request?
-> An Introduction to Precision Roller Chains: including how to identify a chain and other information click this link to access the page
-> B.S. Duplex Carbon Steel Pilot Bore
-> B.S. Triplex Carbon Steel Pilot Bore
-> B.S. Simplex Grade 304 Stainless Steel Pilot Bore
Sprockets (With Boss)
Plate Wheels (No Boss)
-> BS228/DIN8187/ISO 606R Carbon Steel
-> Double Pitch Din 8181 Carbon Steel
-> Straight Side Plate Din 8187Carbon Steel
-> B.S Simplex Carbon Steel Pilot Bore
-> B.S. Triplex Carbon Steel Pilot Bore
-> B.S. Simplex Shaft Ready (Metric Bore Sizes) with induction Harden Teeth
-> B.S. Simplex with Induction Harden Teeth Pilot Bore & Taper Bored/Bushed
-> B.S. Duplex Carbon Steel Pilot Bore
-> B.S. Simplex ReverseTaper Bored
Related Products
-> A.S.A Carbon Steel Pilot Bore
-> A.S.A Carbon Steel Taper Bush
-> A.S.A Carbon Steel Pilot Bore
-> Taper Bushes (Taper Lock*)
-> Shaft Locking Bushes (Clamping)
->New Range Spring Loaded Chain Tensioners
-> Shaft Fixings Products Index Page:
-> Metric Pitch Elevator Chains 200-400-500
->PE-UHMW WearStripsGuides -RollerChains
-> Metric & Imperial Pitch Conveyor Chains
-> ANSIB29.1/DIN8188/ISO606R Carbon Steel
->Torque Limtiers For Roller Chains
Products -