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Lakehurst a Private Limited company:
The company was Originally established in 1988 as a Sole UK Stockist of an Exclusive Range of British Standard Precision Roller Chains and Sprockets from Aantek in Holland.
To service the UK's growing demand for a Larger More Comprehensive Range of Stock Sprockets and Plate wheels both in Pitch 5mm to 2" and Tooth sizes from 8 to 125 teeth.
The concept proved so successful that the company shortly expanded its Product range to include the Stennei range of Taper Bored Vee Belt Pulleys in SPZ, SPA, SPB & SPC belt sections from 67mm pcd to 1000mm with 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,& 10 grooves!
In late 1992 the Company commenced an investment program to build its own in house machining facilities, enabling it to offer Finished Machined Sprockets to compliment its existing range of pilot bore.
This became a turning point in the company development as it inevitiably led to the expansion of those facilities into providing a one off to small volume Manufacturing Service to fulfil the demand for drive sprockets to customers own individual requirements!
Since that expansion the company has adopted a Policy of developing and expanding its machining and manufacturing facilitiies along side its expanding Stock Product Range, so as to provide a truely comprehensive one stop service.
Enabling it to service any drive requirement from a none standard tooth size through to a customer's own drawing specification, incorporating a number of auxiliary operations, including Heat Treatments and Plating.
Precision Roller Chain Drives & Auxiliary Products
The Company has continued to develop its Manufacturing Service and now provides a Volume Repeat Service to Customers own drawings through its European Network of Manufacturing partners in Italy and Germany and has expanded its Product Ranges with the aim of becoming one of the UK's leading drive specialist.

It is doing this by bringing together the Best Quality Products from some of the biggest names in Europe so as to provide one of the most Comprehensive Range of products under one roof, which now includes all of the following:- (February 2012)
We aim to become the UK's Premier Drives Specialist?
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